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Senterius Bio


Art by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Texts by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:


Updated file, with new version of the character art.

Senterius is to Sentinel Prime what Optronix is to Optimus Prime.

Witness his evolution in SoD: Sentinel Prime and SoD: Omega Supreme.


Are you an artist? Do you want to join the project? We're always looking for new talents (especially color artists, these days... Ratbat, Nova Prime, Jhiaxus and more need YOU!): if you want to learn more about this, please contact us.

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Great work! I can tell that your interpretation of Sentinel Prime is vastly different from the robo-douche bag in Transformers Animated, and the arrogant military jar-head in Megatron Origins.
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Thank you!

The Animated one is an interesting take, but the "Prime" title in that series has quite a different meaning.

The one depicted in Megatron Orings... well, he did not fit with the high concepts of the Prime Dynasty described in "Spotlight: Optimus Prime".

In the end, we went for the Sentinel Prime described in "The War Within": he was already dead, when the story began, but he had left quite an impression on characters such as Grimlock and Megatron himself.