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SS - The Beauty And The Beast

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Lineart by Koen Luyten :iconkluyten:

Colors by Victoria Rojas :iconlittlemissawesome:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Gregory Donaldson :iconnovastorm73:

The New Junkions created by Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:

Ideas by Simon Reeves :iconreeves83:

SoD project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


The new take on Arcee and Jhiaxus was originally developed by Simon Furman and Alex Milne in Spotlight: Arcee.

Simon Reeves continued to explore Arcee's origins in The Shape Of Things To Come.

As was already explained, the origins of this version of Arcee are a metaphor for sexual abuse: we tried to stay true to this delicate theme.

Art for Jhiaxus.

And who might be Arcee's sisters? One is revealed in Short Story: A New Beginning.

Jhiaxus' mansion is named after the flagship commanded by his G2 counterpart in Marvel Comics: the Twilight.

Panel 11: the answer to Arcee's question can be found in SoD: Omega Supreme. She actually spent metacycles in stasis lock: the Age of Nova Prime came to an end, the Supreme Interregnum followed and finally the Age Of Sentinel Prime began.

Panel 13: this story is a crossover with another SoD spin-off, the Constant Moons saga. See Constant Moons: Paradise Lost for the origins of the Junkions and the reason of their hate for Jhiaxus.

Arcee is not the first of Jhiaxus' "failed" experiments to be thrown in the Junklands, as seen in page 5 of SoD: Paradise Lost.

And finally, what does Arcee dream of, while she is offline? The answer can be found in the unmatched saga of Arcee In Wonderland, by Koen Luyten!

(What's that bunny doing in panel 13? Looks like a fragment of Arcee's dream was dragged into this reality!)

Original (official) concept for the Junkion Shaman.

Arcee will look for an answer to her condition in Short Story: The Answer.

"The Beauty And The Beast" is part of the collection of tales related to the Nova Prime age: see all of them (plus the amazing cover) in Special Story: The Evil That Mechs Do.

Arcee's previous life (and identity) are described in Short Story: The Shape Of Things To Come.

More Arcee in Short Story: The Answer.

Arcee's saga ends in Revelation (the last chapter, Spotlight: Sideswipe, shows Arcee taking her revenge on Jhiaxus).

Original lineart.

Unlettered version.


Don't miss our previous update: Act 2 of SoD: Trannis (pages 6-10).

Discussion threads: SeibertronIDW Forum, Tformers, AllSpark, Tfw2005, TfArchive, TheTF, FullMetalHero, Cybertron, TransFans, Cybertopia, TMUK, TfCog, TfShadowCon.

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So has this aged poorly?
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To user shark235: indeed, ignorance in biological science is all to be blamed on us, and so is the fact that we don't do research, because you clearly know the whole project in its details and most of all you are the only one entitled in deciding how the universe is shaped.
You barged in trying to enforce your subjective vision on our own continuity, demanding that your vision IS the only vision; we answered with scientific examples and logic and well-known fictional continuity facts. You blocked us because you are not in the mood of debating with people like us (namely people who dare to speak back?) when you started the debate acting as if you are the only holder of the ultimate truth.
Thank you for sharing your position, and for helping us see how we are the ones with their heads in their asses.
Please don't come back to enlighten us any more: this was enough for the next century.
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Hahahaaaah, she blocked me too.. what a fruit loop.
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She also started a new account to fill our mailbox with spam messages. Fruit loop doesn't even begin to cover it, apparently.
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Wooooow. Wanna screencap the best ones and share them?
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Amoebas are living organism without a gender.
The problem lies in assuming that only one type of lifeform should define everything else.
This fictional universe comes before the Solus continuity and it's separated from it.
Genes don't imply gender or sex. And certainly genes on Earth don't define how life is shaped in the rest of the universe.
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Deal with the fact that in this continuity the cybertronians are created genderless. Please stop debating it with other users: it's of no use.
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I'm still trying to work out how she can be female if they don't have genders (although everyone appears to be 'male'). She's obviously female shaped but I wonder how the insides are changed.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It's the programming, mostly. She has urges that her body cannot understand, so the body is not really changed, inside: that's the concept from Spotlight: Arcee :)
MissSparkle1's avatar
ah, I think I understand. Is it sort of that she has these new urges but because their mechanoids, they have no real way of acting on them. 
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Yes, and this will drive her crazy, turning her into the obsessedm vengeful cold-blood killer of the official comics.
MissSparkle1's avatar
ah, I understand now, thanks
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Heh heh, do I detect a faint "Take That" directed at Tramp? ;)
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The hell does this have to do with anything?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
I've asked her to stop debating the topic and harassing the other users. Hopefully she'll find out that there are other continuities and fancomics for this sort of "robot customization".
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Okay first of all, I made that comment seven years ago, so wow comment necromancy.

And second of all, it's just super inimaginative to assume all alien life forms would reproduce the same way we humans do. Hell, even here on this planet, there's dozens if not hundreds of different forms of reproduction. So why would an alien mechanical species have the same "insert rigid grill structure A into slot B" method as us? It's just totally unimaginative. Plus, there are several canon ways that Transformers do reproduce, there's absolutely no need for Tramp's method, or his arrogant posturing when he insists his weird fantasies have to be canon. There's a reason his name became a punch line on the message boards, all those years ago.
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We're actually hammering Jhiaxus as the array of his experiments grows!
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Well, I've thought about this robot gender thing too, like pretty much everybody has. Fembots make no sense, but there are advantages to their presence from story points:

1- Fembots allow authors to use tropes which will only make sense with female characters without there being a potentially very annoying human.
2- While Transformers are robots, they are also living beings, very complex ones at that, and there being male and female robots can make it easier for some people to see them as such.
3- Transformers are pretty unrealistic robots, as robots go, so having genders won't make them any more unrealistic than they already are.
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