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Junkion Motorface study for Arise, Females



Art by Milad Taleghani :iconmulti-comics:


Motorface's original concept.

Also known as Motorskull, Motorface is one of the fastest Junkions around.
His speed allows him to constant patrol most of the Junklands, and report to his comrades about any new arrival.
If it's an invader, coming to salvage some dangerous garbage for their own gain, Motorface usually spills the first oil, delivering a faster-than-light attack that leaves the invader disabled.
But if it's another lost Spark, victim of the abuses of Jhiaxus' ruling ilk, Motorface is more than eager to bring comfort, and fix the damage... or deliver a swift, merciful kill.
Some say that his two names reflect the opposite sides of his personality, fighting each other for control.
The Junkions are a secret species living on Cybertron since the events of Paradise Lost.

The Arise, Females! project is meant to expand the SoD webcomic that provides a prequel story to Spotlight: Arcee by Simon Furman and Alex Milne.

As chronicled in Short Story: The Beauty And The Beast, the Junkions helped Arcee get back on her feet (literally), after she was painfully discarded by her creator Jhiaxus.

Arise, Females! is a sequel to the collection of tales related to the Nova Prime age: see all of them (plus the amazing cover) in Special Story: The Evil That Mechs Do.

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He reminds me on an 'Empty' from Marvel G1. Cool design! :)
thelegoking99's avatar

Yeah, he kind of does look like them. Neat.

Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
And an Empty could really be at home in the Junkland setting!
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That one is pretty good work.
hellbat's avatar
Another interesting design.  I'd like to see their alt modes.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
The alt-modes are unknown yet, for two reasons: one is that the Junkions don't transform, in the script of the AF story; the other is that we don't know what their mishmash body could transform into :)
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