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Differentiation - act 1 - page 3



Art by Jeremy Tiongson :iconjt-blueart:

Story, lettering & project by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Ha-HeePrime :iconha-heeprime:

Project by Ibai Canales :iconcanalus: and Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


The Reapers are (were?) a gathering of "last representatives" of extinct species.
Their whole civilizations were swept away by some conflict, but before that they were average aliens who traveled the galaxy and met other species (such as Cybertronians).

The Decepticon Infiltration Bunker is able to generate a holomatter shielding, based on the same tech of the Autobot's Simulacrums.

The Grey Eminence of this chapter is finally revealed.
Ratbat is the same character of SoD: Ratbat, albeit in a smaller form. In turn, SoD Ratbat is based on the character re-imagined by Simon Furman for War Within: The Dark Ages. Old and new connect and come full circle!

How and why Ratbat ended up in his current form will be explained later. But we can already said that it wasn't just because Soundwave wanted to add one cassette to his minion collection.

Will Astrotrain accept Ratbat's offer? Of course. And where will this lead Earth's Decepticon Unit? Stay tuned for Act 2: "Manipulation"!
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Ratbat? Isn't he Soundwave's subordinate? What's he making deals for? That's Swindle's gimmick.
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And yes, Swindle makes deals. But everyone can make deals, depend on what they need to survive, improve or reach their goal: these mechs have been around for millions of years--it's only logical that their programming became flexible enough to adapt to circumstancesm as evolution demands. Were they to crystalize to some original restrictive "specifics", they'd be extinct in less that one century.
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Not in this continuity. We are using materials from official War Within comics, which in turn stem from the original G1 Marvel comic concepts. In that saga, Ratbat was completely autonomous from Soundwave (Ravage and friends were almost as autonomous), and he was quile clever, skilled and ambitious.
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Nice work all round.  Looks like Ratbat wants to play in the big leagues again.
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Whoohoo!! Ratbat is back! :D 
Love that panel with Astrotrain! :) Very nicely done! 
Can't wait to see Act 2! :D 
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It's gonna Ratbat's solo act :D
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Yay! Ratbat!!!!
Great stuff. Great story and fantastic art. More!!!
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Oh, love this!
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