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Ation RoadRocket Headmaster FabianHeurtaux





Art by Nicodemus Rexx :iconth4rldeal: of Project Rexx

Concepts and coordination by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Fierce, aggressive, reckless and hotheaded, Fabian Heurtaux found himself to be the balancing factor in the equation that Headmaster Road Rocket is.
Surprisingly enough, Fabian developed a sense of responsibility by being merged with a mind that is even more extreme than his own.
Don't get him wrong though: Fabian loves the possibilities offered by being an Headmaster, because he can let go in ways that his weak human body coulnd't even imagine. He enjoys running, fighting, jumping, firing impossible weapons and all the sci-fi experience that comes with the package.
It's just that he doesn't want to throw all that away for the pleasure of a reckless, idiotic act--which is what Road Rocket lives for.
That's why Fabian has become, quite literally, the voice of reason inside Road Rocket's head.

Some notes from the artist:

Clearly I'm not an engineer, but I tried to pick out specific bits of the suit I designed and make analogous shapes in the head sculpt.
Some bits of the back-helmet probably become those bits of armor around his waist, and Rocket's visor-shield probably just turns into a backpack.
Robot eyes are probably hidden underneath the chest-armor/forehead plate in "Man Mode".
At the very least it makes about as much sense as any other given G1 show transformation, lol.

See also Road Rocket in colors and the Road Rocket blue prints.

As we are explaining in the blog entry, this is our tribute to Simon Furman's work!

Original art.

See more model sheets in the The Future Is -Ation gallery.   
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I thought these were battlesuits; It never occurred to me that Headmasters/Targetmasters were actual half-robot CYBORGS!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Yes, they are!
Well, they are in at least two continuities: G1 Marvel comics and the -Ation Books (Devastation, Maximum Dinobots).
To me, it makes sense as they can twist their body in impossible ways to become robotic head, and this implies surgery and new implants :)
Clu-art's avatar
This Looks nice. Though Head and Targetmasters are not my Special interest ;)
Detective-Barricade's avatar
That's nice and all, but...

Where's Road Pig?! Surely the Decepticon Laser-Cycle would get the same treatment, right?

That said, this is always.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thank you and... who knows? If you read the blog, you might have noticed that we are planning other pairings ;)
fantastic that is grate
lovefistfury's avatar
finally a new headmaster! looks incredible
JoeTeanby's avatar
That's a great design. Enjoyed his bio and artist notes too.
Very cool!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
As we are now explaining in the blog entry, this is our tribute to Simon Furman's work!
JoeTeanby's avatar
Cool! I definitely need to re-read the 'Ation stuff.
I always loved the Headmaster concept. It left a lot open to interpretation and it should have been explored further.
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