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Art for Lightspeed


Lineart by Lee Ji Huyn :iconlanveril:

Colors by Matt :iconkillmatthew33:

Coordination by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

SoD Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


Original lineart.

Name: Lightspeed

Alliance: Autobot

Subgroup: Technobot

Based on Stormbringer Lightspeed (and the original G1 toy), Lightspeed will featured in SoD: Starscream - Act III and in Terrorcon Hunt 1: Blot.
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I have sentimental reasons for liking Lightspeed and the Technobots have always been aesthetically some of my favorite G1 Transformers. And this is such a huge improvement over the original design that I already loved so much.
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Fantastic design, and this particular lineart and colours together produce a combo-look I like a LOT!
What technique was used for colouring?
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Ops, I don't know. :)
We'll have to ask Matt for this.
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Very nice work.
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I like this one alot Its realy cool!
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Huh. My silhoutte doesn't fit :/
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Don't worry, the Multiple Bodyframes tech explains the different silouhettes.

In other words, this is a non-profit fanproject: there's the need to find a balance between consistency issues and artistic urges.
We can provide model sheets, but sometimes the artists want a degree of freedom: after all, they are working for free.
In this case, :iconlanveril: is working on a story featuring 10 more characters, but only Lightspeeds gets the alternate treatment. A sort of "personal choice".

Were we an official project, we'd ask the artists to stick to certain models (and we would have a full library of Cybertronian model sheets by Don Figueroa!), but in truth even IDW doesn't do that.
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Aaah, so that's what the Multiple Bodyframes tech is for. Sneaky.
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It was designed for Springer, but it actually came useful for other "tormented" characters like Blitzwing. =D
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how coincidental, i just bought this guy from Ebay!
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