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Art for Crest, Wreckers Leader

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Art by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Coordination by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Original art for Crest.

Original art for Supermode Crest.

Crest is a Wrecker leader who replaced Hyperion and came before Springer, as mentioned in Bullets by James Roberts (see the TPB edition of Last Stand Of The Wreckers).

In the Seeds Of Deception continuity, the Wreckers existed long before the Civil War; their origin is possibly linked to Ultra Impactor.
When Civil War erupted, Springer re-built the group (see War Within: The Dark Ages): why, and how Impactor was involved will be matter of future stories.
After the failure seen in War Within: The Age Of Wrath, the unoffical Wreckers were turned official by Impactor, who led the group until the Pova incident. After him, came Hyperio, Crest and, finally, Springer (again, before the events of Stormbringer).

The One-Winged Gunship mode is a tribute to Star Wars B-Wing.

Crest is briefly and imaginatively featured in page 7 of Special Story: The Drought. Even if he's slightly twisted by Fistfight's creative ego, it's Crest nonetheless!


Are you an artist? Do you want to join the project? We're always looking for new talents (especially color artists, these days... Ratbat, Nova Prime, Jhiaxus and more need YOU!): if you want to learn more about this, please contact us.

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Big guys with big guns, Extttreeemmeeellyy Big ones.

Love his design and the coloursceme is just fantastico!!

the top body design just keeps reminding me of the Duocons but nonetheless still so cool!
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Wow, he look so awesome and cool.
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Oh wow, bulky armor and massive guns! I'm in love @__@
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it's cool.i like this
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For comments on this, please see my comments on Guardian Prime 2
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Bellissimo e dal design originale, complimenti!!! *__*
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