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Aftermath Poisoned Chalice


Story by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Art by Lau :iconhosanna9:

Project and model sheets by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconshadowapook:

The complete saga is available in PDF format, featuring bonus art and secret files: Magnificent Crisis - PDF collected edition


This piece is a sequel to The Artifacts.

The story continues in Magnificent Crisis.

Special guests in panel 4: Solonicum Prime (only part of his body), Monstructor, Sixshot, Galvatron, Nemesis/Nova Prime.

See the panel without lettering.

The Age Of The Ember is another reference to Solonicum Prime and the Constant Moons saga; you may remember both these names from Paradise Lost.

This is our Last "Seeds of Deception" story.
Not because we're not going to produce any more of them, but because after this our universe and our story-lines end: the Magnificence rewrites (reboots) everything, overlapping existing realities with new events/characters/interactions.

There's still the slim chance that another universe can be born out of this cosmic event, though.
Will this subplot ever see the light? It could happen, but we would like to focus on the past and tell more stories from the Age Of Sentinel Prime: Ratbat, Jetfire/Grimlock, Trannis, Blaster... and of course more of Magnus, Sentinel, Starscream, Shockwave/Soundwave, Omega Supreme.
And there's more of the possible future story-lines in Short Story: Far From Home.

The idea and the "poisoned chalice" concept came from a certain interview released by a certain writer :)

The answer to the Magnificence is the Unity Sceptre, not shown in this story but featured in this
Rodimus Prime art. What do Roimus and the Sceptre have to do with the impeding Magnificent Crisis?


Main folder.
Cover A - Cover B - Magnificent Premonition, page 1 - page 2. Short Story: The Artifacts - Short Story: Poisoned Chalice


Discussion threads:

Cybertopia, MoonBase 2, TfArchive, The AllSpark, Tformers.

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Nemesisprime91's avatar
Primal Evil of its creator? I can only think of two beings that could have that kind of power; Unicron, the chaos bearer and root of all evil and Leige Maximo one of the 13 original Primes and the epitome of Evil to counteract Solus Prime's Good. I'm leaning more heavily to Leige as it could be one of the Relics. 
twood5's avatar
i am so confused... i dont know waht half those words even mean
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
D'oh! Maybe after some years reading comics... it's heavy sci-fi, with quantum physics concepts :)
GiantGeekyRobot's avatar
So AHM wal all Hot Rod's fault!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar

But we've given him the opportunity to redeem himself. And you can bet he will, in the 11-pages story "Magnificent Crisis" :)
GiantGeekyRobot's avatar
Looking forward to it!
AtlantisLux's avatar
Bene bene, mi sono intanto letta The Artifacts e questa, quell'appunto sull'ultima vignetta mi aveva incuriosita.
Bravissimi davvero tutti voi dello staff! L'uso di quell'artefatto, in effetti, potrebbe spiegare molte cose :worship:
La famosa vignetta è geniale! XD
Massì, resettiamo tutto, tanto i lettori sono idioti e non se ne accorgeranno mai! Grrr... O_o
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
E ancora grazie! Ormai la Magnificenza è la nostra ancora di salvezza: chi l'avrebbe detto che Furman già aveva gettato le basi per aiutarci in tempi di tale sconforto?
La sua intervista sembrava fatta apposta per scrivere questa storia "velenosa".
Il seguito sarà di 10-11 pagine. I disegni sono pronti e il colorista è al lavoro su pagina 3. Sarà epico! (Speriamo).
AtlantisLux's avatar
Furman è veramente geniale! Mi dirigeresti all'intervista, se si trova online? A questo punto sono curiosa di leggerla :)

Tutto ciò nell'attesa dell'epico seguito!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Ehm. Non la trovo più sul mio hard drive.
In teoria è tra quelle pubblicate e tradutte sul sito delle Cronache (sezione Archivio). Cercherò meglio ^^'
AtlantisLux's avatar
Don't worry, ho trovato l'archivio. Adesso me le scarico e me le leggo tutte. Eheh :evillaugh:
saganich's avatar

I'm the yellow one.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Hahahah, thanks!
JZLobo's avatar
Oh, wow, I love that concept! It sure would explain a lot. And the final panel... it just made me laugh. Great job, there.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It seems that certain events can only be faced with irony :)
And it was amazing how the Magnificence was described by the Guru as the double edged sword we needed for this short story ^^
JZLobo's avatar
Indeed. I'm still really curious about what Furman had in mind towards the Magnificance. I guess we'll never know. I couldn't blame him for keeping the idea close to his vest in case he ever gets to write for the G1-verse again.

Wouldn't it be fitting if it altered the user's personality, turning them into utterly idiotic douchebags like Costa seems to think "Rodimus" is?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It seems that the effect is contagious and spreads fast, affecting the whole cast :D
JZLobo's avatar
Sure did. >_<
katrover's avatar

Poor Hot Rod ...
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Oh, don't worry... he'll get out well even if "diminished" :)
Gambits-Wild-Card's avatar
Man, that would explain why the sudden switches from the "athon" series to "all hail Megatron" and why Hot Rod became a wuss LOL.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
The effect of the Magnificence is trans-chronal: the explanation works even in the flashback or in the stories completely set in the past :D
Lord-ShinRa's avatar
You had be worried there for a while. I thought after the first few pages it was going to contain some moronic anti-technology message.

Instead this looks like it's going to be a damn good comic :)
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