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06 Shockwave Soundwave page 20



Art by Zerob :iconborezet:

Story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:


Original lineart.

Megatron's plans for Sentinel Prime unfold in SoD: Sentinel Prime.
The same goes for the propaganda that Soundwave is tasked to produce.

Soundwave's secret battle against Magnus is chronicled in SoD: Magnus.

The creation of Megatron is chronicled in SoD: Trannis.
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Long time fan of SoD, here Soundwave is portrayed as interested in power, even to the extent of usurping Megatron in the longterm?
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Thank you for being so loyal even though the project has recently "slowed down" due to technical difficulties.

Yes, we used some hints from the original G1 Character Profile of Soundwave, which stated that he cares mostlky about himself. Also, Furman wrote about Soundwave's selfishness in "Spotlight: Soundwave" as well.
We tried to expand the concept by suggesting that a (relatively) young Soundwave would also dare aim bigger, but just in a limited time of his life/career. The final pages (which we are still trying to produce) will solve this hanging thread.
Ahh great, so there is more to come on this one...I can wait =)
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If you are still around, you might want to know that things were set in motion to finally complete this one. :)
great, this particular one is now done?
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Unfortunately not. Artists disappeared and personal business kept all of us away from further talent search :(  
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I just found this! So glad I did. Soundwave and Shockwave are my two favorite Decepticons. I literally thought this was official at first. That's how professional it looks. The writing is so well done, I feel like I know Shockwave and Soundwave better now!
And the art! Oh don't get me started. Outstanding!!! Completely outstanding!
I hope you can find the help you need to finish this soon, I'll be waiting patiently ^^
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That is great to hear, thank you so much: as writer of the story (well, one half XD), I'm humbled by your flattering comment. I guess my attempt at following Simon Furman's guidelines brought some fruit.
This comic was blessed by some incredibly inspired art, which made it look official better than any pretentious dialogue would :D
(I've cut away lines and words for hours and hours... and they still look like too much)
AstralPhoenix-ARA's avatar
Thank you for replying! It's truly an honor to speak with the writer! (One half of it XD). It certainly did bear fruit indeed!! I know what it's like to have to cut away lines over and over again. But no worries, you've done a phenomenal job!! This is done masterfully.
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Fascinating! When will the next part appear?
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Thank you so much!
Unfortunately, this comic is on a hold-- waiting for a new artist to step in. Finding new contributors has become increasingly difficult during the last few months.
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That would explain why all unfinished projects are on standby. very well. I shall accept what is there, and not crave anything further.
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We keep searching for talents, though.
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Great work here. Enjoeyed it a lot.
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