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06 Shockwave Soundwave page 17


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Art by Zerob :iconborezet:

Story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:


Original lineart

The story so far: it's the day of the insurrection! As the Decepticon army prepare to rise, Shockwave and Soundwave unleash their assault on the head of the Cybertronian government-- Omega Supreme!

Omega Supreme explodes, as seen in page 18 of SoD: Omega Supreme.

Among the rescuers: Inferno, Prowl and Red Alert, as seen in page 19 of SoD: Omega Supreme.

The attack that almost killed Omega Supreme came from high above, as seen in page 19 and page 20 of SoD: Magnus.

Who interfered with Soundwave's plan, saving Omega Supreme's life? The answers in page 20 and page 21 of SoD: Magnus.

Barrage's attack (and the reason for his standard Insecticon color scheme) are shown in page 13 and page 14 of Jetfire/Grimlock.

Soundwave's line about Shockwave being "...superior" is a reference to Transformers: The Movie (1986).

Soundwave will learn to exploit the Insecticons in Short Story: New and Improved, as a prelude to the events of Spotlight: Blaster.
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