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06 Shockwave Soundwave page 10


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Art by :iconsakuranez:

Story by :iconm3gr1ml0ck: and :iconi-sithlord:


Unlettered art.

Learn more about Shockwave's alt mode in his tech file: Tech File: Shockwave.

Learn more about Squawktalk in his tech file: Tech Specs: SquawkTalk.

The name "Ebony Knights" appears for the first time in the novel Alignment, written by Simon Furman.

See Peter's original concept for the Ebony Knights here.

This story just touches the Ebony Knight subplot tangentially; the full comic is under development with the working title of Ebony Dawn (go there and see the cover!). Among other things, it will feature the Gargoyle Seekers created by Ibai.
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Is this a reference to Captain America, Tesseract Cubes? Also, I absolutely love your work, do you know of any other projects like SOD?
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Tesseracts came long before Cap, I believe. Or at least Franco learned about them from other sources ^^

Thanks! There's :icontf-the-lost-seasons: that is our twin project!
Thanks for the info!
Thank You again!
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very interesting :3
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Thank you :)
Four more pages follow...
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Dude, you are awesome
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"A deadly version of a Schrodinger's Beast". LOL

Pardon, I don't know what Alignment is...can you make me clearer, please?
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Don't laught at the beast -.-

Alignment is a text only novel that Simon Furman wrote for the UK convention Transforce, in two different years. This novel is not considered canon, but it ties up all the loose ends from G2 comics.
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I never read Alignment, so the Ebony Knights are new to me. I guess they're meant to be some sort of weird quantum physics entity?

Also, I know it would probably be a pain to do so, but it would be really neat if you could provide a link in your artist comments to the previous page and the next page in these stories. It would make it easier for the reader to pop back and forth through the pages of the story, rather than having to go to the Gallery and hunt down the next page in line.
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Yes, we decided to go that way with them. Actually, Alignment just mentioned them, so we were literally free to do as we saw fit.
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