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Lineart by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by Lau :iconhosanna9:

Story by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck: and Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconshadowapook:


Dead-End and Wildrider are two of the well known Stunticons. Their color are based on the respective G1 toys. Their models are based on their appearances in The War Within, with a particular regard for Joe Ng's work on the The Age Of Wrath volume.
We're not finished with the Stunticons, yet. And their group is larger than we can imagine, in this era.

"My name is MAGNUS" is a tribute to the intro sequences in IDW's Spotlight books.

It's crossover time! Soundwave entered the University Of Addaveni in the pages of his own chapter, SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave:

For the second time, we mention Soundwave's always-forgotten mind reading abilities. See his
SoD Profile for more details and alt modes:

Penta-energon is a substance that can induce drugs-like effects on a Cybertronian. Say no to penta-energon or you'll become like a mindless Stunticon!
Thanks to Zac for the original concept.

More Penta-Energon addicted in page 7 of SoD: Ratbat.

Magnus' model is based on War Within Optimus Prime, with some references to G1 Ultra Magnus toy (of course!).

See the entire Magnus chapter in the gallery.

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breaker82's avatar
magnus looks so different. very interesting. no blue or white? how did the artist come up with this design. thank you also for putting in the dvd commentary.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thank you for reading!
Yes, Peter wanted a different Magnus: this is why he left the blue out.
The body structure is based on the War Withon Optimus toy.
TealMafia's avatar
oh dear how i love magnus' face in the second panel, like hes smiling on the stunticons' sillyness :D
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Maybe he think he's in pose for an action hero picture :D
TealMafia's avatar
indeed. Smile, Magnasu!
Ironlantern723's avatar
Is it just me, or does the alt mode of magnus resemble the Apex trailer to Power Master Optimus Prime?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It is based on War Within Optimus Prime model, but maybe Figueroa took inspiration from the Apex Trailer. It would be tipical of his brilliant redesigns.
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