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01 Omega Supreme - page 9

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Story and lineart: Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Colors: Marianne Søgård :iconpuffintalk:

Story and lettering: Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits: Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:

Special thanks to Juan Pablo Osorio :iconiskander77: and "Transformers: The Lost Seasons" project :icontf-the-lost-seasons:


Some panels of Omega's flashback were used to create Mosaic Bitter Harvest, with colors by Eman B. Zubia. The Mosaic was set in "the present of Nova Prime", hence the "normal" colors.

Omega' platoon: Kup, Cyclonus, Omega (younger, without the "Supreme" title), Grindcore, a nameless mech based on Energon Wingsaber.

Cyclonus has been depicted as a cybertronian patriot in Spotlight: Cyclonus. That's why we picked him for this platoon.
More of him in Paradise Lost.

Kup is another old mech who has been around since forever.

Grindcore appeared in Devastation and Revelation.

Ships and aliens in the last panels are Peter's tribute to Star Wars : Queen Amigdala's nubian corvettes.

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Poor elephants. What are they anyway. I know these are alien elephants (i think) so what are they and where do they live?
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I'm afraid we'll never know, as the detailed chronicles of that age were lost in the mists of time. (Also, they are a Star Wars reference).
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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
Omega's pacificism is showing here and I'm glad. He's so wise. I can't tell you how much I love your aliens all through this. G1 is so wonderful.
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Back in Generation 1, Omega was young and had more weapons.

Now Generation 2, Omega's more streamlined and has less weapons.

Generation 3 (Beast Era), Omega's...................a lot smaller and stuff........

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Are the aliens like the StarWars Clon Wars?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Yes, another node :)
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But...doesn't one of them look like Cyclonus? O__o

I'm becoming progressively addicted to your work!!! =D
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It does. More of him in the upcoming "Paradise Lost" chapter.
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Looks great, I like this new coloring effect :)
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