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Story, art & colors: Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Story and lettering: Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits: Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:

Special thanks to Juan Pablo Osorio :iconiskander77: and "Transformers: The Lost Seasons" project :icontf-the-lost-seasons:


This page sets the premises for SoD: Shockwave/soundwave and SoD Starscream: it offers a detailed explanation of the Incubation Storehouse purpose and of Nova's plans.
Sentinel Prime foresees the battles that will come, just like the one that Soundwave fights on the World Of Ryotonok.

Nova Prime devised a multi-stages conquest of the galaxy based on phases like Infiltration and "Colonization".
"Colonization" is new, but I wonder where IDW Megatron got his idea for the Decepticon six-stages conquest plan.

"Instruments Of Destruction" is a common term in cybertronian parlance, because it refers to a mythical set of items. See the Historical File for the Decadionic Swords.

The "new Generation" Protoforms are of course G1 characters.
Most of them are new mechanoids, but among the Protoforms there are many recycled Spark Cores who have already lived long and eventful lives (Dynobots and Predacons, for instance).

The Protoform Army is based on concepts described in Beast Wars.

Jhiaxus, scientific advisor of Nova Prime, was of course behind this project. Just another in his endless list of twisted ideas: Gestalts, Females...

The four faces in the Stasis Pods: Grimlock, Trannis, Ironhide, Magnus (without the Ultra prefix).

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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
Jhiaxus is a nazi. Omega must be aghast. Nothing good will come out of this.
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NeonHueGogglesHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, the logic in this plan seems all wrong. I can understand the withdraw of embassies to encourage original technology development, but to entirely withdraw with the aide of soldiers seems off to me. What if there were peoples who had been doing perfectly fine with the Cybertronian technology present? And the whole soldier aspect of the plan just
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There are two answers, here.
The first is that we wanted to show how any choice has a negative backside. There are no perfect choices in this universe and we can only pick the lesser of many evils. In this, the inexperienced Sentinel is as flawed as any of us.
The second is that no one had been doing fine with Nova's technology, if not on the surface: Nova never gave them any unselfish free gift; every bit of his technology is poison, meant to swept away the aliens and/or rewrite them as cybernetic slaves.
It's like drugs or pollution: sure, apparently one is fine even after being exposed, but traces of chemicals remain in the system and they just grew, corrupting it silently until it's too late to realize.

Thanks for reading and leaving so many comments!
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Wow, protoforms 0_0 This page is magnificent!
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Thanks! Very Star Trek's Borg like. ^^
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Who are those Protoforms?
I recognize Grimlock, and the third could be HotRod, but I'm not sure. And the others?
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Hey, thanks for the question and for reading: we've added some Notes in the Comment section, just to fix our own wrong info :)
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They are Trannis and Magnus ;)
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