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01 Omega Supreme - page 6

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Story by :iconm3gr1ml0ck: and :iconi-sithlord:

Art by :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by :iconaerisnoir:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:


This page was first presented as a Mosaic piece (with the narrating voice of Shockwave), Passing Of An Age.

Sentinel Prime's ordination mirrors Optimus Prime's ordination, as seen in The War Within vol. 1 #1.

The event in this page is followed by the events in pages 5-6 of SoD: Sentinel Prime (with the Matrix Flame!).

In the audience: Kup, Omega Supreme, Shockwave and some nameless 'bots.

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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
Poor Omega. He did his best. Incredibly beautiful image of Sentinel, my least favorite prime. He looks like a prime there. Beautiful.
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love how Impactor and Omega are just looking at each other !

Impactor: You rigged the votes again, didn't you?

Omega: Yup.

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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Thank you!
I'm one of the writers, and I find interesting how stories canbe differently perceived by readers.
In my intents, Omega and Impactor are sharing a glance of satisfaction for seeing the better candidate win... they did not rig the votes, because of Omega's inner monologue in page 4: on the contrary, he followed the rules to the letter, even though he supported fervently one candidate during the debates (but he did this within the boundaries of his office and laws!).
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well......I'm glad my thoughts were a bit interesting. I was kidding about the rigged votes; I was thinking about the Beast Wars episode "Chain of Command" where Rattrap and Dinobot were the candidates to being commanders. Cheetor evidently voted for Dinobot, while Rhinox sided with Rattrap. That ended in a stalement, but in my poli sci mind : Cheetor's a traitor : D !

and yes, Omega does have too many memories and experiences to just go rig votes.
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Ops, I didn't get it, sorry ^^'

Anyway, I loved BW and that episode was great. I think we saw a similar Chain in Revelation, where Optimus Prime vas just a pawn on the chessboard and other Transformers (Magnus, Jetfire) took control of the mission.
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The War Within is one of my favorite Transformers' comics. I like the words to reference to Sentinel Prime
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thank you, we are very fond of WW as well (of course, this whole project is a WW prequel!).
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Oooooo buddy Sentinel is WORKING that armor! Lol a really beautiful peace; me likey!
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