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01 Omega Supreme - page 4

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Page 4 (of 22)

Story by :iconm3gr1ml0ck: and :iconi-sithlord:

Art by :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by :iconaerisnoir:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:


The Hall Maxima is based on a Star Wars structure, but Cybertron doesn't feature a Senate (too much of a plagiarism!).
The CitiStates Assembly is a government organ that flanks the Council of the Ancients and handles the more "mundane" matters of the planet's life.

The figures on the podium: Cybertron, its continents and its moons. They can change their colors, depending on the speaker!

Omega Supreme's differences with Nova Prime were described in Spotlight: Optimus Prime.

The Ancients were first SEEN in The War Within.

"Chosen One" and "Burden" are references to G1 Rodimus Prime (The Burden Hardest To Bear, Seasons 3 of G1 cartoon).

Follow the Liberation Wars subplot in SoD Shockwave/Soundwave.

Learn the destiny of Senterius in SoD: Sentinel Prime.

Catch glimpses of present and future in the Short Stories.
See the Cybertronians live their lives in time of peace, during the war and in the most far-out future!

More Assembly Hall seances in page 2 of SoD: Ratbat.

Browse the entire Omega Supreme chapter.

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NightspinHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful!!!! *O*
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Thanks. Now be sure to check out the Magnus chapter as well *_*
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I think that, this image remend me Star Wars. Ohhhhh Star Wars. =P
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Yes, Peter is a BIG fan of Star Wars!
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ArwingPilot114Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, very nice..everything! :D

Just a quick question...are the "hologram" heads supposed to be Optimus, Prowl, Springer, Alpha Trion, and Jazz? :? Or am I waaaay off? XD
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar

The holograms are nameless mechs, with some details that reminds classic characters (as a tribute). One of them, though, is Senterius, the mech that will become Sentinel Prime in the next pages and in the Sentinel Prime chapter.
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ArwingPilot114Hobbyist General Artist
ah, okay. That's pretty sweet anyhow! X3

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