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Story by :iconm3gr1ml0ck: and :iconi-sithlord:

Art by :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by :iconsilverene:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:

Special thanks to :iconiskander77:


More species lived and died on Cybertron, rewriting the planet: a reference to cartoon episodes Desertion Of The Dinobots & Five Faces Of Darkness,but also to Beast Machines and G1 Marvel comics #76-80.

"Ages Of Darkness": a reference to The Dark Ages. Time is a cycle: "It's happened before and it will happen again." (Battlestar Galactica)

Cybertron has an atmosphere, and oceans. One of them is the Rust Sea (Transformers - The Ultimate Guide by Simon Furman).

A different perspective on the same planet in page 1 of SoD Sentinel Prime.

Browse the entire Omega Supreme chapter.

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Transformers belong to Hasbro/Takara
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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
incredibly beautiful art and this story is going to be wonderful fun to read and recommend to others.
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This looks nice, I like the art, and also the fact you gave Cybertron some oceanic bodies.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Hey, I'm truly glad you like the oceanic bodies, because they play a pivotal role in Seeds Od Deception.
Namely, the big battle at the end of Magnus' chapter is fough over a region of the Rust Sea, nearby a certain big building. The enemies, of course, are the Seacon Six (with a slightly different roster).
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I have to agree - I like that you included oceanic bodies. I'm writing a Transformers trilogy and I have bodies of water in my books as well and I always wondered, "Will folk accept that??"
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They must... I mean, the Rust Sea was described by the guru himself, Simon Furman, in his Ultimate Guide! :)
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oooooh! Fantastic! Now I know I can venture in that direction without being burned at the stake. Maybe. LOL
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Added links in pages 1-4, and some behind-the-scenes notes as well!
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I like it because it makes Cybertron seem more like an actual planet. Also, I found your work through the Trans-Comics group, so that's good advertising they give you!

Is that Impactor in your icon?
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That's exactly our goal, I'm really glad that there are others who share this "need". :)

Yes, it's Impactor.
Art by :iconmentre83:

The entire collection of profile for our comics saga is on my personal DA page:
and the links for more comics pages are there too.
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I just read the first chapter on Omega Supreme. There's another character that doesn't get much written about him, especially in first person! I really like where you are going with this - the politics and cultural references definitely make the Cybertronians feel more like a complete species, where often in both the official comics and many fan pieces, it's all about the fighting, making them feel kind of one dimensional.

I have to wonder if Omega Supreme's idea of isolation as the best course for Cybertron isn't also a bad idea, just in a different direction than Nova Prime. Looking forward to reading more.

Also - the artwork on this is fantastic! Very nice to look at.
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Thank you! The fact that you've enjoyed and appreciated the story so much repays us of all our efforts :)

We agree about the fact that even Omega Supreme's choice is not the solution to the serious issue of the evil that runs in the cybertronian species. In this, we're trying to follow both Simon Furman's work (Spotlight: Optimus Prime) and the philosopy of Battlestar Galactica.
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