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Chapter 5: taken again
'So what I do with Tessa she dose not have a lightsaber with her we can't give her a gun' said obi wan as we walk into

the main bit of the base.
'where is Anakin and Tessa' said obi one looking around for them.
'not sure' I said 'I think I know where they might be' he said.
'were' I said
'follow me I'll show you' as I ran out of  the base and took a speeder  
'come I have a bad fell that something going to happen to them' I hopped on a speeder and continued to follow.

Next I could see Anakin and Tessa coming out of the hole that I knew when they could see us Anakin quickly hid

something behind his back.
'What are you doing and what are hiding behind your back' said Obi Wan sound suspicion   
'It's nothing don't worry master' said Anakin being smart
'Ok then if it nothing then show us then' said Obi Wan
'Show you what?'
'Anakin stop it'
'Fine we will get back to the base now then' as they walked off, I got off the speeder.
'I think that we should have a look' he said to me whispering in my ear and eying Tessa and Anakin walking off into the

distance. Obi Wan turned around when they could not see him and walked towards the ship.
'Are you coming?' he said to me with an expecting look.
'It seems like a bad idea.'
'Oh, stop being a wuss' with that look I walked over to him and we preceded to the ship. The hole was big it cut half

the bottom of the ship. We walked in the ship and immediately we saw droids on the floor they were squashed from

the outside and in.
'The Force' I breathed.
Obi Wan walked off like he did not hear me I followed down the long corridor, I stopped to look at the footprints on the

'Robbie, come here for a second.' Said Obi Wans voice. He sounded serious. I walked up to him there was

Ventresses body on the floor and a light saber stab through it. I had flashes of what happened ventress charging at

Tessa but Tessa moved out the way and stabbed her, Ventress fell to the floor and Tessa's light saber glowed red

and changed back to purple.
'What have I done?' She whispered I don't know what happened but she ran off getting further away. the dream turned

black and white and slowly came to a stop but it started at another part of the ship the droids grabbed Tessa a part of

the wall fell forward and Anakin emerged through the wall the conversation flew through and Anakin crushed all the

droids and they hugged the dream turned black and white and came to a stop except this time it started coming to


I heard a scream It was Tessa I ran when I got there she was being pulled up the docking station by a droid Anakin

was on the floor unconscious Obi Wan followed me and run up to Anakin I ran towards Tessa but I flew in the ship as

the door closed. Stupid thing that was because I got captured too.
part 5 i hope u like it
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December 14, 2011
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