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Chapter: 7 The past part 2

When she woke there were three men in front of tessa but that weren't facing her
"She's armed with a lightsaber" said one of the men in a etiquette and clam tone.
"I am still doing it no matter what you both say"
"You two should stop arguing you have been for and hour now so both of you should stop," said one of them who looked a lot older.
"Qui-gon, she is just a child, what should we do" said the stranger.
"I think we should test her force ability's and train her in the Jedi ways" Said the apparent Qui-gon.
"Ah, I am awake you know, what are you talking about?" said Tessa.
"Good morning young one, we where just deciding on your destiny," said Qui-gon.
"What's a destiny?" said Tessa.
"Don't confuse her we need to teach Robbie the force first. He is most likely going to be her Master you know," said one of the strangers.
"Obi Wan, I need some help with these boxes I can only lift them an inch off the ground," said the other stranger.
"Ok Tessa we need to go I sense danger in the force its getting close," said Qui gon.
"Lets go Robbie," said Obi Wan.
"Ok one sec…" said Robbie
"Now!" said Obi Wan
"If you insist" and with that he threw the boxes at Obi Wan.
"Why you little!" and with that Obi Wan jumped at Robbie and instantly they went rolling down the closest hill.
"They will catch up to us," said Qui-gon.
"What where they doing?" said Tessa.
"No matter, we will just get going," said Qui-gon.
"But first I have to erase your memory"
"You will find out in time young one"
And with that everything was forgotten.
Tessa woke in a strange place it was like the ship that she was on before
"it was your fault we got hurt"
"No it was your fault you threw a box at my head"
" Your both acting like a child" said someone less I did know
" Master it was obi wan who started it so you can't blame me"
" W… where am I" said Tessa
"Your on a Jedi spy ship my name is"
" My name is obi wan"
" OBI WAN" said Qui gon
" A…mmm master how much did hear"
"All if it"
"Like I was saying l'm Jedi maser Clare" she look at Qui gon then look at me and smiled
"o …ok it nice to meet you"  
"we are almost at Coruscant" said Qui gon
"obi wan help your master with the ship"
"ok  master but what of the girl" said obi wan  
"the girl got a name you know" I said with smiled "it Tessa"
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