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   Chapter 9: Perish for life and death
While Tessa was sleeping I snuck off. I closed the door quietly and rubbed the sweat off my head. I walked off into the corridor, and met Obi Wan. "I sense something bad" he said. "Is it to do with Tessa?" I asked, "No, it's coming from you." He told me. "Whatever happens next tell Tessa that I will always be with her" I told him, I walked in the other direction. "Robbie wait" he came after me, "Obi Wan, I have to do this you can't stop me" I told him. Maybe if I would have let him talk to me I would have been safe I though, but I had to be arrogant.

I went after the separatist ship and flew in my ship alone with no droid. I found it closer than I thought it would be. I boarded and snuck onto the loading bay. I over heard talking from some separatist enforcements coming through the door, I hid behind some boxes for cover. They didn't sound like droids. I looked over, I was right they were some sith acolytes. I pressed my arm down a little bit harder so I could knock them out to get pass them but I accidently slipped and pushed a box over. I hid quickly before they saw me. "What was that" I heard. I heard footsteps coming from the left and the right. This was good I quickly developed a plan. They both peered around the corner and saw me, they drew their light sabers, instead I used the force and knocked their heads into one another. The light sabers turned off. I quickly got changed into the clothes one was wearing and changed his with mine. I walked into the next room.

There were ships and sith everywhere I snuck passed them, "Hey Illian!" I heard, there were footsteps coming towards me. I pulled down the hood down pass my face. I turned around to meet him. "Illian, what's with you?" he asked. I detected he must be a really good friend. I used confuse on him so he didn't know anything had changed. Instantly a bell went off. "Jedi force used, Jedi force used" it kept repeating, compromised I thought.

I saw everyone turn to look at me, twenty I think I saw, I force pushed the person that realized into a nearby ship. "One down nineteen to go" I said. "That's were your wrong" I heard a familiar voice, "Dooku" I said turning around. He smiled and yelled "get him!" everyone ran towards me, I pulled out my green light saber. Now everyone knows its me. I used the force to create a wave to push everyone backwards. One of the sith jumped over and attacked me from above I blocked and started tracking his moves I found a kink in his form and started using him against him, his leg was a little backwards which made him off balance. "first leg straight, second leg too back." I said as I hit his leg with the back of my lightsaber. He instantly fell and I force pushed him backwards. I heard a shread of lightning and turned to block it. I just missed and flew backwards. Weakened I tried to gain my eyesight back. "You see, I have developed a new skill, it's called force blocking, I can take your force away forever." He pointed his finger at me and turned it upwards. I went flying up. "Say goodbye to the force." He said. " he took his other hand and aimed it at me with his palm open and pulled down. I felt the life disappear from my body. I felt too weak, I screamed from the agony. He let go of me and I went tumbling to the ground. "Now how does it feel, I will strike you down". "No!" I heard as duku went flying into a ship. All the sith went towards the voice it was Tessa. She got emotional and force pushed everyone off into the distance. She pulled her light saber out and drew it the purple turned into red.  She force lifted herself up and cramped her arms inwards. Then a ball of force came around her. "Tessa" I said reaching out to her. The extended her arms the force ruined everything I blacked out.

I woke up in the Jedi temple, Obi Wan at my side. "What happened?" I asked. "Tessa became over powered and destroyed everything. The Sith found her crying and took her away, there was nothing I could do when I go there it was too late" He said to me. "It's ok I don't blame you" I said. "Robbie I have some important news." He told me, "What is it" I asked. "Well, master Yoda tested you for any damage and the force had been taken clean out of you. He has no idea how your still alive." He told me, I got emotional and got up. I tried to lift up a box but nothing worked. "What will I become?" I asked. "Yoda told me that you are no longer any use to the Jedi and you must make your way home" he told me looking down. "But I need to find Tessa" I told him. "We will do that for you" you will be home in the morning. He blinked and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and was in my house no were near Coruscant. "Goodbye Jedi life" I said.

   Chapter 10 member never aging

I open my eyes to see that I was in a torcher room. 'Great another torcher room!' I thought. Then I looked down at my Hands I had handcuffs on 'dam it ok I have to clam down, meditate and try and remember what happen' I thought.

I cross my leg and took a deep breath in and close my eyes then every thing was burly then I saw a woman who looked familiar "I don't know what you're talking about" the woman snap at a man dress in black. He walked up to her and stab her "no" I yelled then every thing whet burly and all I heard was "I love you Tessa."

My eyes snap open I had to take a deep breath to clam down then I sense someone powerful at the door 'Dooku' I thought. I was right. Dooku walk in with one sith and one MagnaGuard "Dooku" I muted under my breath. "Hello Tessa did you think you could escape well I will teach you" said Dooku and he order one of his sith underling to get the knife so he started to grad a knife and he stabs it through my hand "ahh stop" I yell in agony " make sure she talks" said Dooku walking out silently so the sith got out the siring whip it is heated to over 1000 degrees 1 hit can leave burns the size of a mid aged pithone I was hit six's times and now my skin is rotting from the heat "ahhh please stop" I screamed but the sith just got something else out I don't know what it was but when I felt it the agony was so bad that I felt like I was dieing then I looked it was…… a it was something I have never seen but I can guess because I have herded of it "ahhh please why isn't that a Jedi weapon why is a sith using a scerata there impossible to get?" I shouted "well if your me you can get anything" the sith said and stabs me again but he stabs me in my leg hard enough to brake it so if I do get out I can not run away "fuck you it fucking hurts stop please! Please!" I cry out "then tell as what we waned to know" said the sith "never I will never betray the republic!" I said I look up to see the sith frowning "we will see?" said the sith as he walked up to me and lent down and said "we shall see? I will break you and you will never go back to the republic!" said the sith.
I was getting piss off now I had to tell Robbie or someone friendly to the republic.
But the sith before I could do anything he injected me with some sedative which knock me out.

When I woke up I was in a small jail, room there was someone in the corner I don't who it was I was getting nervous the person got up and walked over to the door ands put its hand on the bar the bars shattered and it walked out "well are you coming? I have been waiting for you! " He said as if he knew me "who are you how did you know I was here?" I questioned "I new you would not remember me dame you and after all we did together when we where little oh and because you are clumsy and I just knew you would get court" he said "darkness is that you wow for some reason I will never forget your dammed attitude and thanks I am totally clumsy thanks so much" I said "oh and also if you didn't notice my leg is broken" I said suddenly he come over and picks me up bridle style "put me down this is embarrassing" I said and I'm madly blushing "would you like to try and walk with a broken leg?" said darkness "no but it's still embarrassing" I mumble. He smirk "so how are we going to get out of here? I pretty sure that you set off the alarm!" I said,  "Well I don't hear any alarms!" he replied, "I'm pretty sure that the alarm would be silent" "no I know everything about this place I did not set of the alarms" "wait darkness how do I know this is not a trap?" I asked, "You don't," he said "ok then" I pause "how are we going to get out of here? Then?" I asked I know I shouldn't really trust someone that quickly but really need to get out of here we both did! I through.

Darkness stared walking with me still being carried "well I have a ship in the lower Hager. All we have to do is get there! Without being killed!" Darkness said casually "ok then" I said "I take you to the ship I know a way that we can go!" he said.

A few minutes later we got to the ship darkness put me down on the co-polite seat "I be back" he stared walking off "stay" he said walking out the door not giving me a chants to ask what he was going to do. 'I try and meditate again' I thought. So I did but the same thing happed. 'What going on with me and I really have a bad headache' I thought.
"Let's get out of here!" said Darkness run to his seat and taking off "you should call someone to pick you up?"
"Ok but what would I say? Or hi it me I just have a broken leg and need someone to pick me up!!!!" he smirked " i will try and call Robbie" i said. So I call Robbie
"Hello" said Robbie I smiled but he sounded funny
"Robbie is something wrong?" I asked
"I lost my force all of it and I don't know how I'm alive"
"That's impossible! You should be dead!"
"Thanks for the kind worlds"
" I didn't mean it like that"
"Well why are you calling me then?"
" I really hurt myself and I need a way to get back to Coruscant!"
" Well why didn't you call obi wan then?"
" Well he is not my master!"
"Tessa I have something to tell you!"
robdraw is busy with school and work i will be writing his chapters
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