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The beginning  
"I want to sleep on the floor near the TV" I said fast and smiling "you just want to be near the games so you get a control Tessa" "nnnooo you know" I said with I high voice " Libby and ben and jack and jack twwwooo and Clare help me" "no" yell the girls "ha tack that" I laugh then we all stared to laughing the room full of children's laugher then I heard someone walk in "Tessa can you not yell in the house we are in the next room" she said looking at me with a disapprove look "I sorry grandmother can you tells us a story then we go to  sleep" I said ben got out of the couch  "we are sorry too jade" said ben and josh "it ok ben and josh I tell you a story but first Tessa bring the dogs in"  I walk out of the room and went outside and whistle the dog came running up to me then all I hear ban like someone climbing the fence, I know I do time but not as loud then the dogs ran off towards the noise "ow" I heard I ran inside " there someone in are back garden" I shouted in was panic "Tessa, ben ,josh, Libby ,jack and jack two come with me" then the front door was busted open so was the back door "don't move you are under arrest by S.H.I.E.L.D" yell a man he had a bow then a young  boy ran in "you busted are cover your dead we get back" said the man then all of a sudden all of  my friends stared freezing shock my eyes stared glow so did my friend's then all of a sudden  the boy fainted "I guests it up to me" the man said "stay away from me" I yelled  "pleases" my voice scared and broking  stepping back so if he didn't I could make a dash of the door then boy stared to move and I  realise he was near the door, then all of my plan flew out the close window I look around scared and confused I slowly stepping back to my friends still  looking careful at the boy who was now getting up "well finally your awake your  sleeping on job next time I step on you" said the man the more people came in the room the man and the young boy stared walk up to me what are they going to do with me I thought. Then the people stared to take my friends and my grandfather the boy run up to "what your name" he said softly "" I mumble then all I heard gun shots "get away from her" the voice yell. The man shot a arrow from his bow "Tessa follow my voice" I realise who's voice it was my grandmother ran towards the voice then I fell a stab in my back "Tessa" Jade yell falling in her arms then feeling the cold night air on my face "stay still I'm going to get the arrow out this mite hurt" "what happened" I mumble "you use your powers and teleported us" she said then yank the arrow out, then wrap it in some kind of cloth. "w….were  are we" I pause "it look like a shop or some village"
"No it not a shop or a village" jade said
"So were are" I said confused
"We are at a school that survived the big Explosion that you and your friends did"
"we did" I stop "wait I have powers" I said shock "yes you do and I try to help when I can" she said calmly
"But why can't you and who were those people" I said confused even more
"I will tell you later but now let get in to one of those building"
it the first chapter
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May 20, 2012
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