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Chapter 5
One survived, one failed

I ran to a spot that I knew was safe, I knew because I had been helping the army as long as I could remember. All I could hear was gunfire, tanks and shouting of people giving orders or soldiers and people in pain. Then someone put their hand on my shoulder, on instinct I flipped the person over my shoulder, "what was that for?" then I realised that it was my friend jack "sorry I do that on instinct when there is fighting going on," I mumbled.
"its ok" he said getting up off the floor.
"Really?" I replied.
"Yes its ok. I was sent to get you out of here..."
"Wait,"  I interrupted, "they did all of this to get me?"
"I can't think, why they would put people in danger just to catch me!" I yelled.
" Tessa… Tessa… Tessa… Tessa clam down!" jack yelled making me shut up then he continued
"It is for your safety and plus I…" I heard a stretch of a bow. Some arrows come towards jack "look out" I yelled pushing jack out of the way the arrows flied so close to him, I fell onto the floor with a thud. "thanks lets get out of here!" jack said grabbing my arm pulling me up and getting me off the floor "I promise I will keep you safe" he said running towards the door. Before we could even touch the door somone jumped out and punched jack in the face making him losing his balance and letting go of my hand, falling down on the floor "Jack!" I yelled
"Run, and get out of here! I will deal with this guy I will catch up with you!" he yelled grabbing the person who had punch him. I ran out of the door hoping of the best. Lets hope that jack get out of there safe I thought then something hit me on my head and everything went black. When I woke everything was still a bit blury, but I could see jack fighting then someone stunned Jack making him fall to the ground. No! I thought someone walked up to men grabbed me and dragged me into a van someone else was in, someone I know from somewhere "lets go, we got what we wanted!" said the man who had dragged me in to the van, "You didn't blow our cover this time. You are getting better Robbie" said the man the boy who was apparently Robbie smiled sadly at him.
"She wakening up," said Robbie
"She can't do any thing she is tied tight"
"Yes but Hawkeye remember what happed last time?"
"yes, but what could she do?"
"She could Teleport,"
"Thats really funny. Go knock her out if you must," He said pointing at me.
"I'm not doing it, you do it" said Robbie looking uneasy.
Hawkeye shrugged then everything went black (again). When I woke sort of dark room with a window on the door, seeing two people looked through the window making me sit up and bump my head hard on the wall not knowing that I was so close to the wall "look like the kid bumped her head" said one of the people looking through the window. I rubbed the back of my head "ow" I said softly so they couldn't hear "you think that the thing stark made will work, you know the collar, its meant to stop her powers while its on" said one of the people outside the window. I put my hand on my neck and felt a metal thing around it. This is coming off! I thought, Icarefully grabbed it and yanked it, trying pull it off "she trying get..."
"It off!" I yell triumph and not caring that I said it wrong, I threw the collar, then blasted the door off and ran out. I heard people yelling "we need backup!" and other things. I kept Running around trying to find a way out then some one hit me on back of my head then it went black (again, seriously, is it hit Tessa head day or something!) when I woke my hands were tighed to a hospitals bed with the collar on again damn! then I hear the door open.
:) sorry for the wait
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