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Title: Toxic Office
Author:  Tezzino/Queen Sweets
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Main  NiouMarui (Toxic Pair). Mentioned KaidohEiji and various other.
Rating:  M
Warnings: Yaoi. Semi-public-place-sex. Semi-noncon. Don't like,  don't read, I did warn you.
Disclaimer: If I owned PoT I wouldn't  have to work, cuz I'd be rich. I'm just a poor art-student.
A/N:  Title is totally without imagination, I know. But I love their  pairing-name.

Marui Bunta was by no means a pervert.
It did  seem, however, like everyone else was at the office he had started  working in one year ago. He really couldn't understand why he was still  working here, but by experience, he had found it wasn't much better at  the previous places he had been working at. He seemed to be a  hentai-and-loli-magnet, with his big eyes, thin frame, short stature and  feminine face.
He had done so many police reports involving sexual  harassment that the police didn't really believe him anymore, so he  didn't bother doing it anymore, not when he wasn't taken seriously. It  was always the same, what was wrong with people?
He didn't think he  looked that special. But he had always been told that he looked  different from his parents and younger brothers, even though both  siblings and mother had the same haircolor, and his father and one of  his younger brother's eyes had the same color as his. So what made him  so special? He knew he was exceptionally smart, but it wasn't really that unusual with red hair.
He sighed where he sat by the computer in his  office. 'I mean, both Eiji and Gakuto got red hair.' he thought and  looked at the time. Oh damnit, was it already this late? He was supposed  to meet Eiji and his boyfriend Kaidoh Kaoru at the couple's apartment  in half an hour, and he was far from done with work.
Eiji and Kaidoh  would usually go to a restaurant since Eiji loved public affection and  eating out, but far too many "accidents" had led them to always eat in  someones home rather than going out if Marui was involved.
Marui felt  kind of bad for the friends that he had that actually didn't go around  doing whatever they wanted with his body. Of course, he had been dating  both Eiji and Seiichi, but they hadn't had any sexual contact when they  weren't in a relationship, and with Eiji he hadn't even gone beyond  heavy making out.

He frowned down at his paperwork that just  didn't seem to end. He had more than half left, and it was due the  following day. There was no way he would be able to finish it if he  didn't worked tonight. And it was extremely important too. He cursed  under his breath for Oshitari who had been transferred the previous day,  and thereby dumping a loadwork of paper on his desk that was once "so  far away, I'll do it later" but now when it ended up in Marui's hands it  was soon overdue.
He sighed heavily and lifted the receiver to his  telephone that stood there on his desk next to the computer's screen. It  couldn't be helped, he had to cancel his plans for the evening.

"Moshi  moshi~" Kikumaru Eiji said in a sing-song voice when he picked up.
"Hey,  Eiji.."
"Hoi? Bunta, you're not here yet!"
"Yeah, about  that.. I can't come."
"Eeeh? Nande? Bun-" Eiji didn't get any  further, since the phone was yanked out of his hands and Marui was met  by the voice of the cat-like man's pet snake.
"Excuse him. Why  not?" Kaidoh asked. Marui smiled at the calm voice. Kaidoh only lost  his temper when he was insulted, or around his old classmate Momoshiro  Takeshi. He was really loud whan angered, though, as he had found out  the first time he met him, the raven being introduced as Eiji's  boyfriend and someone had touched his butt. It seemed he had a hot  temper even when it came to someone he met for the first time, though he  supposed it mattered that he was Eiji's best friend. Momoshiro had told  Eiji that Kaidoh used to lose his temper over everything before he  started working in a petshop. A petshop that Eiji regularly visited. It  didn't take long for them to fall for each other, the scowl on Kaidoh's  face that scared so many not even making Eiji blink. Their home was more  like a zoo than a home now. Luckily they lived in an apartmentcomplex  that allowed pets, because both men loved pets so much it was almost  weird. And they were like a snake and a cat themselves, that you didn't  know whether to be surprised or not that they became a couple.
"Oshitari  dumped his redflagged work on me when he transferred this morning.  There's really important documents here, I can't get away from it."
"Couldn't  he have done it himself on time instead?" Kaidoh sounded a little  annoyed. "Instead of having you do it now?"
"I think so too."  Marui sighed and dragged his hand through his hair, looking down at the  papers. "Look, I have to get back to work, I'm sorry, I'll treat you to  dinner sometimes soon."
"Alright. Gambatte."
"Un. See you."  The call ended and he put the receiver back down.

Two hours later  he rose from the chair to stretch out the kinks in his back. He'd been  sitting still for too long, and without sugar, too, so he was nearly  falling asleep now, just sitting there. He needed a sugarshock or  something. But he was still not done. He cursed Oshitari again, sitting  back down by his desk. He could see the door opening soundlessly on its  hinges from the corner of his eyes. Looking over, he saw his co-worker  Niou Masaharu, standing in the doorway. The whitehaired man leaned  against the frame, smiling a sweet smile that didn't deceive anyone.  Marui's frown deepened.
"What do you want?"
"Oh, nothing at all,  nothing at all. That's what Yuushi left you, isn't it? Gokurousama."
"You  can have it if you're gonna continue bothering me. I'm trying to finish  this."
"I think I'll manage without it." The grin now on his face  was a much truer expression of his thoughts, and it made Marui shudder  and growling in dismay when Niou walked up to his desk, sitting down on  the edge.
"Leave me alone." Damnit, he needed some sugar, and that now.
"Don't  say such a thing." Niou said, waving his finger as if Marui was some  sort of naughty child caught with his hand in the cookie-jar. Not that  he hadn't been caught doing that too many times to remember when he was  younger, and sometimes even now, but that was irrelevant at this moment.  Now he just wanted Niou to get off his desk and out of his office.
He  tried to be nice, but his voice sounded bitter. "Could you please get  off my desk?" Or even better, out of my vision, he thought.
Niou  smirked and bent forward, gripping the smaller's chin with his left  hand, the right supporting his weight against the desktop. "And what if I  say no?"
He could drown in those eyes, they were so deep was Marui's  thoughts as he looked into the taller man's eyes that pierced through  him like drills.
"N-Niou..?" he asked, even though he could be pretty  sure what his intentions was, he didn't hit him. He'd hit him many  times already, but it didn't help in the least, Niou just didn't stop,  as if it was fun getting the shorter man flustered and angry. It was as  if the whitehair got off of making him mad at him.
After a few  moments of an amused Niou watching an internally struggling Marui, he  assaulted those pink lips that looked so inviting. Marui's mouth fell  open in mild surprise, even though he knew he shouldn't be surprised at  all, and Niou took the opportunity to let his tongue into the others  mouth, pushing him into the back of his chair that he pinned to the  floor with his foot so it wouldn't roll away.
With both wrists in a  tight grip between a larger one, and knees going weak from the intensity  of the kiss, Marui couldn't move. He had to admit, Niou was one hell of  a kisser. If he'd been able to think straight, he would have thought  about admitting it at least.

Niou had gotten off the desk now, but  instead of leaving, he got around the desk and threw the smaller man on  top of the desk, messing the papers up. Marui growled at that. He'd  spent so much time on those! He gasped when a hand snaked in beneath his  shirt, twisting at a pink nipple. as the other hand worked on  unbuttoning said shirt after having tugged off the tie non too gently,  discarding it on the floor. Niou burried his face in the crook of a  smooth neck, biting, sucking, marking him. Marui moaned at the touch.  Niou's now free hand went down to undo the zipper in Marui's pants. The  redhead gasped as pants and underwear was pulled down to his knees and  Niou's smirk made him blush madly.
"Quit staring at me! Leave me  alo-neeh.." He lost his breath when Niou's mouth took in his cock,  making him shiver in the strain to hold back moans and whimpers. Niou's  tongue whirled around the tip, before taking it fully in his mouth,  sucking. A moan escaped Marui's lips through his struggle to keep quiet.  He could feel the vibration against his cock as Niou hummed  victoriously. He could feel the smaller was close to coming, and let his  mouth release the organ, licking off the pre-cum.
"You look  absolutely delicious, girly." Niou said, as he once again pinned Marui's  hands above his head with one hand, pressing two fingers into the young  man's mouth and ordering him to suck. Reluctantly, Marui did so. They  didn't stay there for long, there was still a small possibility to get  bitten after all.
The hand with the salivacovered fingers travelled  down, past the erected cock to his ass. One finger slipped inside,  making Marui whimper quietly. Niou slipped another finger inside,  starting a scissoring motion with his finger to stretch his insides  while his mouth assaulted a nipple, and the other, and chest, marking  him in as many places as possible.
He pulled out his fingers and  positioned his own erection at the entrance. Marui hadn't even noticed  when he'd put on a condom. Then he pushed inside, Marui pushing his  knees together close to his stomach, but Niou parting them again so he  could properly see his prey. Marui had tears in the corners of his eyes,  back arching as he breather heavily and loudly. "I-It hurts! Niou-"
"Not  that bad, right?" Niou murmured into the smaller's ear, as he started  to move in and out of the redhead, who was trying to supress moans as he  realized that it indeed didn't hurt that much. It actually felt  quite... good? A guy like Niou... who had forced himself upon him, was  actually making him feel good, and not just doing it without caring if  he got any pleasure from it? He was not used to that, not at all.
Niou  sped up the pace, letting their lips lock in a fierce kiss, that Marui  felt himself answering with equal fierceness.
Niou's hands was  caressing the redhead's hips, and now one searched to the other's  erected member. He pumped it firmly in rhythm with his own thrusts.  Marui gave up in keeping quiet, and moaned loudly, almost surprising the  green-eyed man inside him. He didn't think he would be the loud type.  Niou smirked and the pace sped up even more, Marui gripping tightly on  the trickster's shoulders, feeling like he would fall off the desk if he  didn't, and feeling like he was melting. Loud moan after moan rolled  off his tongue, Niou biting down in the crook of his neck, making him  arch his back, stomach pressing together with the larger man's. Then his  vision went white, and the orgasm made his cock twitch and insides  clench around the whitehaired man's cock, pulling him over the edge with  him.

Niou collapsed on top of him, both men breathless and spent.  He smirked into the smaller's neck, then raised himself on his arms,  one hand on either side of the other's head, effectively trapping him.  Not like Marui had any energy to move. "Ne."
Marui looked at him with  half-lidded eyes, breath short. "Mmm?"
"Go out with me."
Marui's  eyes widened, it was the second time he was asked to go out with  someone, not the other way around, with him asking said person out. The  only one who had done it before was Eiji, several years ago, in his cute  and forward way.
"Ah- okay.."
The surprised redhead received a  hug from the green-eyed man, who kissed him before getting off the desk  and fixing his clothes. "Great." Niou grinned at the man still sprawled  on top of his desk. Marui scrambled to his feet, blushing all the way to  his ears. He quickly pulled on his clothes and combed his messed-up  hair with his fingers.
"Wh-Why ask me that all of a sudde-" He then  saw the mess that was his paperwork. "Niooouuu!" He glared at his newly  acquired boyfriend, who only laughed.
"Don't laugh! These  are important documents!"
Niou chuckled and kissed Marui again, then  bending down to pink up the discarded tie and handed it to the redhead.  "Cool it, I'll help you."
Strict because dA is being molested by "yaoi-police".
All my art and fiction is also posted in my art/fiction-blog, Sukebekame. The link is in my profile.

Pfooosh. Toxic Pair/NiouMarui (AU)
Kimico80kimico Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting, I don't think I could write something like that...It's toxic :)
Tezzino Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
I write a lot of this stuff, but only get pleased with a few of them, so.. practice? ^^
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