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June Tasks : Sceptile Take down p3



After convincing their girlfriends to allow them to work, Ryos and Velken make their way to the guild. " Sooooo, whadya think we're gonna do today bro?" Velken asked as he stretches. " Dunno. Just hope we get ta do something exiting. " Ryos replies. They make their way to the guild, only to be greeted by a rushing Sceptile. " Away with you!" He  screams, rudely pushing Ryos into a concession stand.

Velken manages to generate and throw a E.ball onto the Sceptile. " OK! Asshats! That's not nice!" Ryos yells at the running Sceptile. As he tries to fix the knocked over cart, a Swampert and a Hawlucha appear. " Hey! You mates seen a Sceptile run cross here?" Luke the Swampert yells. Ryos looks up from his work. " Yeah! The- oh wassup chief! " Ryos smiles and salutes. " Nows not the time for that!" Gavina shouts. Velken takes off his hat and tosses it in the air. " Yep, we encountered one. I managed to tag the guy." Picks up a berry. " He stealing berries?"

" No, he's a rogue agent. The berries are his ammunition for his "Natural Girt " attack. Because of his ability, we can barely keep up. Had a head start is all." Gavina explained. " He wrecked a couple of stores." Luke added in. Velkens hat falls back down, floating in the air, pointing in a direction. " Well, he's heading towards the southern part of town." Velken says. Gavina then jumps " Great! '' Before she takes off, Luke simply holds her. " Not so fast Vinnie. We gotta sort things out in the street. Plus he got you real good." He guesters to the bruise on her back. " Cheh. Cheap shot, nothing more." Gavina scoffs. She then tries to take flight, but collapses on the ground. " Dammit! " she curses. 

Ryos stands up after fixing the wagon. " We can go get him since you guys are busy. It's basically our job too!" He says. Velken puts on his hat. " We have his location and we can manage fine against him." He adds in. Luke thinks for a while before responding. " Okay then. Just beat him down and bring him back, sounds good to ya'll?" Ryos smacks his fists together. " Sounds awesome uce!" 

Later on after minutes of tracking............

The Sceptile runs amuck across the rooftops, trying desperately to escape. Then suddenldy,just before he jumps off the last building and into the forest, a flash of thunder hits him. As he falls to the ground, a fiery arm crosses his neck, clotheslining him. His body tumbles across the ground. Velken jumps off the building, meeting with Ryos. " Substitute, a pain in the ass move." Velken pops his knuckles. He then raises his tail, now hard as iron, and a berry, now hard as stone, breaks on impact. They scan around looking for the source of where it came from.

The Sceptile then tosses another berry onto the ground, at which it causes the ground to crack towards their direction. Ryos raises his gloved arm in the air. " Ah got this, go tag him now." He plummets his hand into the ground and a blast of flames explodes from the ground up. It stops the cracking of the earth, and Ryos smirks. " C'mon uce, is that all?" He rushes towards the Sceptile and uses fkamewheel. He hits the Sceptile, but a wooden body tumbles into the ground. The Sceptile jumps from behind Ryos, only to be hit by a Thunder attack. He doubles back, and gets hit by Ryos' flamethrower. Ryos rushes in for the final blow, the Sceptile trys to use his berries, only to see that he has no berries. " What!?" He thought, " but I just-" he then sees a bunch of berries scattered across the field and one in Ryos' mouth. " How!?" The rogue shouts. " You shout like biatch dude." A voice fills his head as he feels an intense electricity jolt through his body.

Velken appears behind the rogue, berry in mouth, hand over an e.ball in the grass geckos back and a wooden figure in the other. Ryos twists the wrist of his left arm and pulls it back. Flames erupt from his elbow and his fist slams into the rogues stomach. The rogue is then jettisoned towards a rock, busting through it. Ryos stands up, waving his hand around. " That's for not saying "excuse me" after bumping into me!" Velken stands by Ryos and waits a moment before snapping his fingers. A piller of Thunder falls onto the Sceptile, making him faint. " That's hurting our friend. G'dnight." Ryos walks over to the Knocked out Sceptile and throws him over his shoulder. " Asshats knocked out. Let's take him back to the guild. " Velken picks up a berry. " Fine by me." Ryos shoots a look at his brother. " And you get ta have the reward!" Velken spits out the berry. " But you knocked him out!" Ryos headbutts Velken. " Consider it payback for the building the base task yesterday!" Velken rubs his head. " You and Luke needed a break. Even though ya put both of ya'll to sleep by accident." Ryos begins walking back to the guild. " You let me have the Onyx Wood. Now imma let you have the upcoming reward."......

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If this is part 3, where are the rest of the pages?