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Trick or treat Guy by Teynku Trick or treat Guy :iconteynku:Teynku 3 2 Bb movement: November by Teynku Bb movement: November :iconteynku:Teynku 2 0 Ursaraptor bean ranger Sunn by Teynku Ursaraptor bean ranger Sunn :iconteynku:Teynku 1 2 20171020 031224 by Teynku 20171020 031224 :iconteynku:Teynku 0 0 Bloomsday Movement: Rhino by Teynku Bloomsday Movement: Rhino :iconteynku:Teynku 7 0 Gummy Shark DTA by Teynku Gummy Shark DTA :iconteynku:Teynku 6 3
Bagbean Tracker: Maze the Anniversary Bagbean

Owner: Teynku 
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Height: 100cm / 3'2ft
Species: Bagbean
Type: Event
Theme: 500th Anniversary
Bag type: Side Bag
Mutations: None
Desired Mutations: None
City of origin: TBA
Current Residence: TBA
Occupation: Intergalactic Vigilante [Trial is not done]
Political status: Peasant
Personality: Stoic | Adventurous | Serious | Fearless | Blunt | Somber
Shapeshifter Griffian forms:
Add text/Art

Shapeshifter animal forms:

Add text/Art

Swirl form:

Skill form:

:iconteynku:Teynku 3 0
Bagbean Tracker: Beans and Items
Sunn: x00 peas
Roarke: x00 peas
Peanut Tracker: 
x06 peanuts

x00 peanut money beans

x00 event beans

x00 prompt beans

x01 aura bean

x01 dye bean

x01 enchanted stitch bean

x01 fool bean

x01 glow bean

x01 hollow bean

x00 love bean

x00 medal bean

 x01 magic bean

x00 ribbon bean

x01 shapeshifter bean

x01 skull bean

x04 star beans [two will be used on Sunn when uploaded]

x01 swirl beans

x6 tamer beans
:iconteynku:Teynku 0 0
Bagbean Tracker: Magic and Stats
BB Stat and Magic Template
by quartz-witch-ARPG, 2 days ago
My gf made this VERY HELPFUL stat tracker(nonofficial) to access info quickly and plan out our beans future magic and skill goals. I do not have my custom yet but here I am setting up my characters prematurely for questing and story purposes.
You are free to copy this for your own Griffians to keep track of their current stats or to set goals for what you would like to achieve! 
credit quartz-witch  for the layout and link back here for the original: BB Stat and Magic Template
Magic Paths Magic Upgrades 
:iconteynku:Teynku 3 0
Bagbean Tracker - Sunn the Rhesus Macaque Bagbean

Name: Sunn
Owner: Teynku 
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Height: 90cm / 3ft
Species: Bagbean
Type: Common
Theme: Rhesus Macaque
Bag type: Macaque Side Bag with a gold peach charm and red rope straps
City of origin: Mung
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor / Tea House Co-Owner
Personality: Confident | Adventurous | Humorous | Determined | Ambitious | Impish
Sunn is an adventurous Bean who trained in various martial arts at the Shaolin Monastery on Earth. As a sprout he was very hyperactive and was always climbing trees, and hanging off of high places like roofs and cliffs. He was very flexible and acrobatic for a sprout his age which made him a handful for his caretaker. When he set out for his ID trial, he ended up in China and
:iconteynku:Teynku 2 0
PTS Prompt: Justice
Scott and his five Pokemon where returning from their training in the wilderness on their way home to prepare for work. Before they can actually make it into town they hear the pained yelp of a canine Pokemon and the angered telling of a human. Scott and his Pokemon quickly went running and caught sight of a trainer kicking an injured Houndour. This angered Scott whose speed increases to near break neck speeds. With a leap and a roar Scott delivers a flying kick to the man sending him flying back a bit. Scott takes a fighting stance and his Pokemon are soon at his side ready to fight as well. The trainer quickly got up yelling.
"Hey what's your problem!? "Scott retorted with an almost animal snarl. "My problem is what your doing to this poor Houndour, the thing is already injured and you have the nerve to kick it around." The trainer chuckled. "What's it matter to you what I do to my Pokemon, the things pathetic it can't even win a single battle, it's not even worth taking to a Pokemon
:iconteynku:Teynku 0 1
PTS Bulletin Board Job: Torchic Rescue
Scott woke up ready to tackle the day as he had so many times before. He roused his three Pokemon from there sleep, Sunn his Chimchar was the hardest to wake as he was a deep sleeper and a bit thick headed and lazy, Sakaki his Pancham was much easier to wake wanting to out do his rival, Nova his Larvesta crawled onto his shoulder nuzzling against his face while he pet her, and Saitama his Hitmonchan the most dedicated of them was already well awake with his master who aided him by giving Sunn a swift knock on the skull as gently as he could manage. Startled Sunn fell out of his makeshift hammock bed which he loved to sleep in in the corner of the room before jumping up with a happy derpy half sleepy smile as he stretched and yawned before scratching his but to the dismay of Scott who could only Shake his head. Soon Scotts voice boomed calling his Pokemon to attention. "Kuru!" The Pokemon all became serious and ready to listen to their master. "Today we're going into the mountains to tr
:iconteynku:Teynku 1 1
Hand drawn Shadow Guyver by Teynku Hand drawn Shadow Guyver :iconteynku:Teynku 2 0
Bagbean Carnival Tracker
Carnival Link - #2 Event - Spring Carnival
Event CURRENT End Date: May 15th
Event Beans: 3
- lucky lucky one time plucky
- gold geo gamble
- funny mirror house
Active Ticket entries
post all the art that is in the ticket games, make sure you read the Carnival rules and know what qualifies for tickets! Every time you join another game you will have to show this tracker so that we know you have the tickets to participate.
ONCE we comment on one of your artworks with "TICKET USED" move that artwork down to inactive ticket entries please!
Active Tickets = 6

Inactive Ticket entries
Post all entries you have spent the tickets for here. This means if you have made 5 arts, and you joined a 5 ticket game you will move those 5 arts here.
Tickets spent = 10
Tier 1 Game entries
Link any art made for these games. Also link
:iconteynku:Teynku 0 1
Scott Rockshay: Bio
Scott was born on Cinnabar Island  where he lived till about eight. From the time he could remember he loved watching trainers come and take on Blaine the gym leader at the time, loving the spectacle of fiery Pokemon battles wanting one day to be like the trainers that came through town and left. One day when he was seven  he took it upon himself to try and swim the waters north of his island home to try and reach pallet town to meet the Pokemon professor and get a Pokemon of his own. He had made a good effort for the first half hour, but after a enough time being thrashed by waves he started to wear down, this was made worse as he caught the attention of a Gyarados that emerged from the water attacking him leaving him with a huge gash on his back. After washing up on the shore of Cinnabar he took half a year to recover fully from the wound, but as soon as he was healed he was ready to try again but this time it would be out of necessity as the island began to shake and rumbl
:iconteynku:Teynku 3 5
PTS Trainer Card: Scott Rockshay by Teynku PTS Trainer Card: Scott Rockshay :iconteynku:Teynku 20 8



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Scott Hanna
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
What's Up! My name is Scott but you can call me Teyn or Teynku.
I used to draw characters for my stories and fanfics a lot but I do not have a scanner or a PC so I am currently limited to literature.

Currently I am awaiting my first bagbean to begin my RP so expect a lot more from me when they arrive!


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