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Honesty is the best policy

Looks like Luna's friendship lessons are going well.

(I've had the pencil work for this comic mostly done for over six months now, but I gave up on it when I thought about how much work it would take to vector the whole thing. I really hate vectoring.)
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luna is to cute to get mad at
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Jeez, Luna, I think you should have worded that differently...
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Luna you arrgh...GIF My Little Pony - Facehoof. Don't listen to her Sweetie Belle, I like your drawing it's really good for a first attempt, with a little bit of practice you could get even better. I could show you a couple of tricks for drawing if you would like. (offers her a big brother type hug). 
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That was crual mean and plain sly, I like your style!
Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar
Ah, you gotta love those characters who mean well... even if they still manage to fuck up more often than not. (:
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That last panel is brilliant.
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How about this instead: "I won't be putting it in the Royal Art Gallery, but in my own PERSONAL art gallery, because of how special it is."

That way, you're not telling her it's a horrible drawing, while also appreciating her effort.
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Nuu SweetieBele dont cri 
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I like the princess luna season 1 mane ( like we don't see that much in the first season or maybe season 2 o3o )
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I would put it in the art gallary. She drew it just for you, after all.
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Maybe a little too honest princess...Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
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did you see that I was honest! Laughing 
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This comic is interesting considering Hasbro hasn't learned this yet.
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I dubbed it, if you don't mind ^^
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Hey, that was pretty good. It's too bad you hadn't told me first. I could have cut the comic up and taken out the speech bubbles for you.
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Ahh, it's fine haha, it was mostly just a quick thing xD. Thanks though, and I absolutely love your comics <3
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Gee, you could've just stored it somewhere in your room. But I can see you're gonna learn your lesson.
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Wow,poor Sweetie Belle I just want to give her a hug.
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So cruel but so hilarious at the same time
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