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going back to basic to improve

What iv realized by hiding my art in scraps

(art if you hide you flaws how will you improve your weakness's)

Age 29

about me

I have a rare genetic disease called, Tuberous Sclerosis, it can be like having epilepsy, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease and mental disablilities all rolled up into one. Some individuals may have every symptom of the disease and be limited in their ablilites. while others may only have mild symptoms and lead healthy and productive lives. It can be like walking through a minefield, never knowing when another symptom of the disease will appear.

Mommy and the doctors all knew i had Tuberous Sclerosis before i was born, and i had my first grandmal seizure at 11 months and had to be life lighted up to the hospital, i was not doing good. I take seizure meds now, to help control them some what. I also have Cancer, 2 types of brain tumors, tumors a mass in my left kidney, tumors that have shrunk in my heart , a tumor on my right optical nerve so i am legally blind in my right eye and i learn slowly, is a mental disabilities. No one can predict, whether or not i will develop more tumors, or predict anything about this disease, as their is also no cure. So I live my life, as positive, and happy, and try to make others smile every chance I get

ME, and if you look close enough to my face you will see it is not acne on my face, them red raised spots are Facial angiofibromas. My doctors tell me to keep lots of sunscreen on them as it considered a skin cancer, and sometimes needs laser surgery to remove them, if one can afford as not all insurance comp. will pay for the guy to put you to sleep for it lol, Is a part of me and I just live with it

Lam information between tested 2016 found out 2017


TSC information


i Like/love anime,cartoon,manga,visual novels,art.Animals

dislike tomato and cert-en bugs

Despise/Hate Politic and want nothing to do with it / Racism / Sexism both gender are equal one not better then the other /Abuse of any kind

background used


Favourite Movies
Big Hero 6, Ghibli Studio Movie's, Silent Hill,NightMare on Elm Street
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls/ not a series yet but Hazbin hotel /invader zim and alot of anime series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
NightCore,Pop,Rock,Country ,Japanese. Soundtracks
Favourite Books
Princess Jellyfish / The Ancient Magus Bride / D Gray Man/ The Blue Exorcist / A Silent Voice / Junji ito Works
Favourite Games
Muse Dash / left 4 dead 1 and 2 /spyro my childhood / i like all type of game though there so many
Tools of the Trade
Stylus/ Touch Screen Computer / Clip Studio Paint Ex / i also do traditional art
Other Interests
learning about other cultures/ youtube / all type of games / visual novel / Nature

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Hello Today is My Birthday And i want to show everyone this new Character that i made

Sabrina The Genie

nice to meet another anime artist!! :)

nice meet you to

hey hope you're holding up alright with TS, it sounds like it's hard to live with. i like gravity falls, a silent voice and junji ito too!

im fine right now thank you also yeah i love gravity fall and junji wanna colelct all his books

Nice Gallery! You have some very lovely artworks :3