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Choose a character for next month's Summer Pinup

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Velma Dinkley
Daphne Blake
Jessica Rabbit
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Princess Peach
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The big contest

2 min read
I'd like to try something new with a contest instead of a poll for a figurine : what if YOU submit a character, which will then be made as a figurine ? So, how will it work ? First, the theme is gonna be Fairy Tales Pinups. Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, take any female character from a fairy tale or folklore ( preferably from the public domain ) and draw her as an adult pinup, a bit like the Grimm Fairytales Pinup comic books. Then post your submission in the comments. In a few months I'll choose the best ones and make a poll to let people decide of the winner, and I'll make a figurine out of it. To participate you have to follow a few rules though : 1) you get the files of the character for free, but by submitting your artwork you give me permission to sell the 3D model on my Gumroad. You can sell or distribute the files to your fans if you want. 2) no AI generated image. Every other 2D medium is accepted, even photography. 3) it must be your own artwork, or
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There's an etsy seller called 3dprintingempire 3d printing your designs for profit and claiming them as their originals

They're everywhere, nothing I can do about it. Some even just re-sell the files, not even prints.

That's the problem with digital files.

The only solution is to... stop making stuff.

If I had an audience I'd attempt to lambast the jerks but I'm a nobody XD

Even that would be useless. They can just close the shop and open another one. And Etsy makes it rather difficult to do anything against them unless you're the right holder ( and I don't even own the right of the characters, they're fan arts ) and you need to fil an official complaint with a lawyer.

The only thing that could eventually work would be to buy the cheapest file/product they sell, put a review saying that they are stolen, with a link to the original. At least people reading the reviews would know it's a scam, and the shop owner can't remove a review without Etsy's appproval, meaning that they also would know the shop is a scam.

But thhat would take a lot of time and money.

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Great Artist Great Gallery

I don't know if you already know him, but I recommend the original art and + visit of this artist:

JagoDibuja - | Profesional, Artista Digital DeviantArt

Love it Gorgeous Art Work Galleries Well Done Excellent 3D Model Details.