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A new Texas MLP con! HarmonyCon Dallas, Feb. 8-10.

...Wellp, nevermind, I guess. Looks like AnimeFest will be my only con in 2019 at this rate, so hopefully no disasters with that one.
AnimeFest in Dallas, Aug. 17-20.
Ushicon in Round Rock, Feb. 16-18.
The (tragically) final Nightmare Nights Dallas, Oct 27-29.
AnimeFest in Dallas, August 17-20.
For the first time since A-Kon 5 in 1994! Since table signups were jury-only this year, probably I shouldn't have pointed out in what was left of the AA forums that $300 is a patently ridiculous price for an Artist Alley table. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

23 years straight was a pretty good run, though; I'm pretty sure nobody else except maybe DXS Machina was also there all that time.
Nightmare Nights Dallas, Oct 21-23.
AnimeFest! in Dallas, Aug. 12-15. Remember, it's not on Labor Day weekend this year!
A-Kon in Dallas, Jun 3-5. Possibly even Actually with an AA table, maybe this time!
Ushicon in Round Rock, Feb. 5-7.
Nightmare Nights Dallas, Oct. 23-25.
AnimeFest in Dallas, Sep. 4-7.
San Japan in San Antonio, July 31 - Aug. 2, since I actually made it in this year.
Fiesta Equestria! in Houston, June 26-28.

...This is despite only having learned yeasterday that there was even going to be an FE! this year. >_< The Vendor staff at FE! are way more on the ball than whoever is responsible for advertising, that's for sure.
A-Kon in Dallas, June 5-7.
Ushicon in Round Rock, Feb 6-8.
Ikkicon in Austin, Jan. 2-4.
Nightmare Nights Dallas, Oct. 24-26.
Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Sep. 5-7!
AnimeFest in Dallas, August 15-18.