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Teach You To Read

This may not be an exactly accurate portrayal of Miss Cheerilee's teaching method.

Tumblr version: [link]
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If learning don't bring you fear, learning weren't brought by Cheerilee!
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HA!! this is hilarious. and frightening lol
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>school in a nutshell
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No child left behind.

We MEAN IT, mother****er.

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That new literacy program really means business.
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third grade in a nutsheel
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Ha ha ha ha like my teacher ha ha ha ha
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Guess she's having a bad day. XD
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my reaction:
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Cheerilee's garden.
First thin I thought abut
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Sad thing is...I can see her doing that.
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lolol I'd read because I love reading, not because she forced me to :D
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which makes me like :icontwilightcrazyderpplz:
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D: ... you already taught me fear, BYE! :sprint:
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Like a sir.

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READ OR DIE! There is no alternative.
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