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Biology, Mostly

Birthday gift for Calpain from Equestria Daily-- several days late because I’m an artist and my people have standards-- of his ponysona dealing with an errant experiment.

Tumblr version here.
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amazing mutant plant
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...Looks legit

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And that's how Vault 22 was made. Or Stable, if we talk FoE universe.
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Oh dear! It's armed!
And armed, and armed, and armed, and armed!
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That's quite the interesting Biology there.
I guess that explains what that monster attacking the Tricross Relay was.
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I've seen/sold way too much Japanese hentai to know where this is going ~
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And it's going in a good direction
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This could end badly or very naughty lol
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Or perhaps he's just making a nice salad :giggle:
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