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Large Mask Brushes PS7

By texasdawn
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This is a set of 6 large mask brushes I made in PS7. The .rar file includes the .abr, a image pack and a readme file. The brushes range in size from 900 x 600 to 500 x 300.

No commercial use!! No redistribution!! Credit, please!!

Other than that, have fun! Use them as you wish. Chop 'em up, change 'em, whatever your imagination desires. I'd appreciate seeing what you do with them, but it is not mandatory.
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Will do pu only... thanks!

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Thanks great😁😍🤩🤣

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Thanks great😁😍🤩🤣

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Hay hay!! :wave:

Used you lovely brushes in this design: [link]

Hope you like it and thank you so much!
~Dana :rose:
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شكراً/Thank you
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Hiya there!!

Used your brushes!! Here: [link]

Thank you!!!
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Thank you for these brushes!
I used it over here: [link]
Thanks again~ (:
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Very nice work! Thanks for the link!
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I'm confused. I love these but I don't know how to download or open a .rar file. Help please?
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To download the file, just click the download button to the left of the preview image. It should look like a little computer.

To open the .rar file, though, you need to download winRAR. With a little bit of searching, you should be able to find a trial version for free on the internet.

Hope that helps!
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They're certainly gorgeous! I'll have a lot of fun with those ones. ^^ Fave'd 'cause that's what I do whenever I dl a brush set. <3 Just another way to show appreciation.
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Thank you so much! Enjoy!
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LOVELY!!!! I really cannot find enough large mask brushes -- bravo!!
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Thank you! Glad I could help.
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Sweet :D Can I use for an Icon challange? :please:
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You may do whatever you want to with them, other than upload them as yours, or making money from them. They are not icon sized though. You can cut them up if you wish. I'd love to see what you do with them, if possible.
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Sure, I'll tlel ya, But I'm not allow to post them anywhere until the contest is over...
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Awesome! Thank you!
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You're welcome! Enjoy!
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