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[SFM/GMOD DL] SWAT uniforms.



I made it in a meantime out of boredom, i had to rest from the royal army thing a little.
It was suppost to be stallion only, but then i tried to make a mare so people dont complain.
Rigging on stallion version is better doe cuz i gave up once it came to mare's chestpiece.

In other words, its bad, have fun.
(These models dont have physics but they should work in gmod. Just use a bonemerge or something, idk, i dont care for dead software that gmod is)

Concept used:
SWAT Pony by Mahaugher

We all know that i used :devponinahka:'s base for it, why do we even bother filling up his mentions anymore? :L
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Can someone tell me where i put the files?
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