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Warning about stalker/scammer
I want to warn about Scammer which attacks other people. By me this guy has been reported to DeviantART staff for his behavior to other people. 
His accounts is B00G3YMAN , Art-Monitor , SinsSlayer
Also our conversation (Of course I respond with that same fire as him.)

Warn about this other people. 
Also continuation of this journal is here
:iconkasjer19:Kasjer19 2 2
My current situation of DeviantART, Twitter, Derpi
Also I can say my current situation of "My artistic life"
Well, I don't have much to say, really. 
I said a lot of things on deleted/stored artwork named "Settlement with the past" which is unavailable after some changes. 
Some serious changes in my real life caused some changes in my artistic life. This changes caused that I stopped take so much care on internet, and how my reputation is here. Also I stopped to upload a lot of arts in short time like in past. 
And this has been caused because I finished my education for now (Some family conflicts, and family troubles caused by other members of my family where I don't want to know this person anymore.) And now I'm working in normal job. Job like most of people have. Also I think to resume my education "When things will be fine", but also probably I connect my education with my work (A lot of my co-workers are students and out of hours of their classes at the university, they work normally in my job as mercena
:iconkasjer19:Kasjer19 2 1
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[SFM] [MLP] Artistic Nudity: Twilight Sparkle :iconimafutureguitarhero:ImAFutureGuitarHero 63 12


TexanGamer13's Profile Picture

United States
I'm a Gmodder who's here to have fun and show my work.

Birthday: September 17, 2002

Hopefully you'll enjoy what I make.

Youtube Channel:…





When Livey Hugs hard
So this is what happens when Livey hugs you hard. You struggle to breath, now who does that remind me of? *cough* Emily *cough*

As, yes I finally made something in GMod. It's been a minute yes, but I never left. Just have had more fun making stuff in SFM than GMod as of late.

Octoling girl is :iconlalivey:
Octoling Boy is :iconspikehedgelion8:
A teasing Reaper
Well it seems that a red and black psycho pony really likes to tease Texan. Texan does like Reaper and the both of them seem to get along well. There are moments where Reaper would like to tease Texan in a "certain" way and ends up making Texan blush a lot. Still, Texan does end up getting along with Reaper either way

*Please note, I'm not shipped with Reaper*

Reaper belongs to :iconwyldfyr56:
A Cursed Meeting
Evening has happened, Texan was walking around and heading. When he turned the corner though, he thought he saw Dash up ahead. When he went to he thought was Rainbow Dash, he saw it was her... But different. Eyes with red in them and the eyeballs were entirely black and here color was Darker than usual.

He later on found out that this ain't the regular Rainbow Dash, it appeared to be... A cursed version. Cursed Rainbow Dash has found Texan, but who knows what she might want from him.

This was something I made a while ago, like a month or 2, this isn't the first time I used the Cursed Rainbow Dash model though since I have used it for a different kind of artwork that I don't really plan to publish, but this is a better one I made. 

As usual, hope ya'll like it

Cursed Rainbow Dash belongs to :iconjaruskais:
BrutalBlitz in Anthro
So this is another anthro artwork I did, but this time it's for a friend of mine named :iconspikehedgelion8: a few weeks back for a Birthday pick. I wasn't sure whether it was a good idea posting this since I was nervous of what Steve might do about this since he made Fury Blitz for Spike in Gmod and as I found out it works in SFM as well (Of course since Steve knows a bit in SFM) and the fact I have dispended myself from him due to personal issues that him and I don't want to talk about, but after I thought about, I'm now saying, "Fuck it, I don't think he'll mind." As much as I don't really like him anymore personally, I do still respect his work professionally

So here you go. Hope ya'll like it.

Fury Blitz belongs to SpikeHegelion8
Model for Fury Blitz was made by MLPStevePVB
Brutalight belongs to TIShadow
Time together
It had been a long time since Texan had actually talked to who he once fell in love with, the cyber pony known as Rainbine. Before the shipping of Wyldbine (Rainbine and :iconwyldfyr56:), Texan has been near Rainbine for a while and has shown his affection towards her before, but after the shipping between Wyld and Rainbine, Texan hasn't talked to Rainbine. One day though Texan asked Rainbine if they could hangout again, Rainbine agreed and they met up at Texans home. Texan still shows his affection towards Rainbine despite the shipping and still loves her like how she loves Rainbow Dash.

Rainbine belongs to :icontishadster:
So I have been thinking about this for a while now and this was some I feel like I need to do. This probably won't be much, but I thought about wanting to try and do Gmod commissions, see how well I do with it. I know my artwork isn't the best, but I just want to give it a try and see how well I do. I saw a few people I know do this kind of stuff and decided to throw my hat in the ring. So here's how I would do my commissions.

$5 for a artwork of your OC for like a Profile pic
(In Either a back ground in photoshop or a in game background)

$10 for a thumbnail

and lastly $15 for like a group pic, tell me who to add and I'll see what I can do:

So that's what I'll be doing for commissions. If the artwork has like a custom models, be sure to send me them via private message and if it were a TF2 OC, tell me the cosmetics and/or hex's if you're model has a hex. Dupes will work as well as long as they have the required addons and such.

A few rules about these commissions:
1. I don't do NSFW artwork, so be sure to keep it age appropriate
2. Make sure the artwork is Positive and anything Drama related
3. For the first one, give me a posing reference to help me with what you want me to do
and 4. Let me know what environment the character(s) are in, unless you want the artwork has a green screen, let me know what background you want me to add.

Alright, I guess that's it. If you wish to do a commission me, please do pay me through my pay pal account (here:, this my first time try to do commissions so if you have any problems with I did, please let me know or at least give me advice. Hope this is good enough though, I might add SFM to this as well, but I don't know for sure. If you wish to commission for a SFM picture though, be sure to check out my friend :iconwyldfyr56:, he's incredibly talented and also does commissions (I won't force you to commission him, just giving you a suggestion). Anyways, hope to see you soon and I'll be sure to try my best with these commissions. I'm heading off now

tell next time, see ya

If you need to message me what your commission is, please message me through notes*


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