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Con Season has started for me and it's off to a slow start. I had two cons already: FanFaire and CT GamerCon. FanFaire was a total washout. CT GamerCon was OK, although I wish I had made more. This weekend, I have Hudson Valley Comic Con, which if you have never been, you may want to check out. It's actually quite the fun con. I went to it's first year and had a blast. This year, I will be soloing in the Artist Alley, so keep an eye out for me. You shouldn't be able to miss the bright pink pony camo tablecloth...but then again, maybe you will. Who knows.

Anyway, I will be doing a few figurine updates over the course of the next few days. Because of this con and so many snow days, I have been doing my best to try and keep up with work. It's been a bit difficult. The snow days mean students fall behind in their work, which means I fall behind as well. So, playing catch up sort of sucks.

I have started a blog to try and keep people (and conventions) appraised of my doings. This will hopefully be useful when I need to close down the shop on con weekends, because apparently that caused an issue with one of my applications. But, hopefully you will all check it out, as it also has a list of where I will be in terms of cons. Here's the link:…
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Well, things have changed. Due to personal issues, TomCat PopShop is slowly being dissolved. I am currently moving all my stuff from TomCat to my old shop on Etsy. Never fear, though, I shall continue to make figurines and some cool digital artwork as time allows. I have at least 7 figurines in the works, and all my stuff is up on Etsy right now! So never fear, my fellow artists and collectors, I am still working!

Please feel free to check out the new site, and my new artwork!
Trot L'Oeil Artistry
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Alright everyone, we are two cons down. :iconsamoht-lion: and I just got back from TrotCon, and it was such a success, despite the issues.

 So, let's start with Friday. First off, let me preface the con by saying about a week before the con, all the vendors and panelists got an email stating that the hotel screwed up the timing, which meant that we could not set up our display on Thursday which they usually allow for vendors. We would not be allowed to set up until Friday at 2pm, thereby eating into half our selling time. None of the vendors were happy with this, even with the promise of a partial refund on our table. Cut to 1:55pm Friday, when we find out that we will not be getting in until 3pm. People are mad, and then 3pm passes and we don't get in until almost 4:30!!!! Needless to say, every vendor thought they were screwed including us, out of Friday sales. I have never seen such a mad dash to try and set up before in my life. They even let con goers in while we were still setting up!!! However, despite this setback, :iconsamoht-lion: and I did pretty well, making almost $500 between the two of us. Vendor hall stayed open until almost 9pm, which meant we were exhausted!

Saturday was a big sales days, making well over $600 between us, which meant that by this time, we had made back both table and hotel room, which was a nice change for once, giving us an opportunity to make some profit after the fact. Usually at cons, we barely break even. I had some huge sales, including my Hearth's Warming Eve statue that I made before PonyCon and was featured on Equestria Daily.

Sunday started slow, with people not really getting to the hall until about 10:30ish. It was another big sale day, and then the fun happened: the fire alarm went off, and continued to go off even after we were allowed to go back in. This went on for at least 20 minutes, I kid you not. However, I can't complain because by end of day, we had made over $900 each for the entire weekend! Almost $2000 between the two of us in sales!

Up next is LockCity ComicCon on Saturday, which is a one day con. If you live around the Stamford area, come check it out! Afterwards, we will be updating the Etsy page with some new merch!
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Alright everyone, we got cons coming up like crazy! :iconsamoht-lion: and I have AnthroCon in Pennsylvania in a few days, where we will both be in the Artist Alley. :iconsamoht-lion: will be there all 3 days, where I will only be there on Friday and Sunday, but I will mosey around the con, so you should be able to find me.

Once that's over, we will have a small breather until TrotCon in Ohio, where we will be at booth 31! This will be our first TrotCon, which will make up for not being able to attend BronyCon. Yes, we know this sucks, but we have two family weddings back to back the week before and of BronynCon, so we cannot avoid those.

The week after TrotCon, we will have LockCity ComicCon in Connecticut. It's going to be a one-day con, but it will help us round out the summer, hopefully. We may have one more con after that, in November. We will see what happens.

Come find us in the coming cons! There is so much we have that we haven't put up because we have just been crazy with prep work!
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So, I am finally in my new place, and am beginning some new customs. :iconsamoht-lion: and I have also decided to start merging our stores together, and create a single store, so we can show together at conventions. We call it TomCat PopShop, up on Etsy. His specialty is custom badges, which I am sure you have all seen here on deviant, and mine is figurines. Check us out!…

I am also working on getting my prints into my Redbubble shop, so please, check that one out too!…

Summer is slowly coming to a close, and I am getting nervous for the upcoming school year. This is because I am supposed to take on a few extra classes, which I do not know what programs will be available, and we are supposed to get a new principal too.

Anyway, hope everyone likes the new shop! Definitely check it out!
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It's been a while since I have done a journal entry. I figured I would give everyone an update. :iconsamoht-lion: and I departed from BronyCon today, after a successful weekend of selling. Each of us had also submitted work for the Charity Auction, and our combined pieces made over $1,000. That was very rewarding in and of itself, to know we are supporting cancer research. We also both got to meet Ms. Tara Strong, and I was able to see Ms. Tabitha St. Germain again, this time getting a photo.

Tomorrow begins a new adventure, as I begin to move to a new home. Hopefully, new adventures will continue with :iconsamoht-lion: as well.
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Trying to get back into my art. Hit a funk for a while. Hopefully, I will get some stuff up to show soon.
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Sorry folks! Things have been a bit nuts for a while, and I apologize for not updating in a while. I have been to Bronycon and back, and I've been trying to keep up with making ponies lately, along with other artwork. Not a lot, though. I left my old job and got a new one--now I am teaching at a new school, teaching younger kids and actually teaching art rather than being just thrown into a classroom and told to teach something I don't know how to.

I hope to update with a few new deviations, so keep eyes peeled. I am open for commissions, so please, if you have something in mind, PM me. Also, if you want an idea of how much a commission might run you, check out my Etsy shop:…
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So, I am just starting a new job (HUZZAH!) which I am praising all day because in this economy, it's difficult to find what I do. However, I am still doing my art. I just finished one commission, and I have a second one in the works, although I am allowed to take my time on it. I have about three extra ponies that I will hopefully be finishing within the next week or so. But especially for ponies, if you see something you like, message me and we can discuss commissions.  

With my new job, I will be getting back into computer art--specifically Adobe. However, I have also recently downloaded Poser, and once I get a computer that can handle it, I will be playing around with that. This may not be for a while, though.
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It's been a while since I got on here. Mostly because, it became too much at one point. However, I am going to be trying to get back on here, as I will have more and more time.

I have failed to get a full time job. Last night, a friend of mine suggested looking into customized figurines to expand my Etsy shop. It was something I had thought of, since I did a customized vinyl figurine for my boyfriend earlier this year. So, I have just ordered two blank My Little Ponies and I am going to see how this works. I do want feedback when I post them, because if I can't sell these, I do not think I will make more. The first one is going to be a zodiac theme, and while I have many other themes going in my head, Zodiac will be easy and zodiac is always popular. But with that being said, I will be figuring out the other pony as I begin that one. Maybe doing celestial themed ponies. I have more advanced ideas--gothic, Nintendo, doing one entirely in crystals--but those might be for a later date.

Anyway, when I get it done, I will post it up here, and I would love feedback.
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As I write this, I am sitting in my American Art since 1945 class, and completely bored out of my mind.

A lot has happened since April. I have started my second to last semester of my graduate program. I have classes 6 days a week (which makes me want to die) and I have zero time to do any artwork.

I have broken off my engagement. I am no longer getting married next year. I realize now I was unhappy with my relationship and I would have been miserable if I had married my ex. I am very happy now, though. I have a lot of friends who support me in and who have been there for me during that break up.

I am getting ready to try out for America's Got Talent. This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I am finally going through with it. My audition is this coming Sunday, the 14th of November. Wish me luck!
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I am so seriously ready to blow a gasket. The past few weeks, it feels like all hell has broken loose for me. I have lost 2 papers that I worked on for 3 weeks, my fiance has been switched to a new part of the FOB that he's at, which means I switch FRG groups and it screws up any time he and I have to talk, I have mice in my apartment, I still have not gotten reimbursed for the money spent on supplies for teaching, I keep getting sick every time I go into the clay studio for one of my classes, and to top it off, today my internet decides not to work when I need to register for classes. It's like do I have a kick me sign on the back of me and I just don't know about it? I mean, COME ON!

I am going to try to start having new work up shortly. But due to all the papers I have to write, I have not had much of a chance to do any work except as exemplars of projects for lesson plans. So, hopefully soon I will have up some more work, and not just exemplars.
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OK, so welcome to the near year! The new year brings new classes, and the real planning for my wedding in 2011, as well as dieting for my cousin's wedding in June of this year. I ended last semester with straight As *doing a happy dance* which is a totally new feeling for me. It made my parents happy.
A lot of my art supplies are arriving. One of my gifts this year was a $500 gift card to Dick Blick art supplies. I ordered a LOT of stuff, including a new easel. The easel arrived yesterday which I will set up tomorrow, and begin organizing my art stuff--SCARY thought, my art stuff finally being organized. I will be happy when I get to break it in by doing an extremely tiny canvas piece--for some reason, my future mother-in-law seems to be amused by sending me canvases no bigger than my palm. I HATE canvases that small, because I never know what I will need to paint. I have decided, though, on a celestial cupcake. Hopefully, I will get the sketch for that started, and work on a wedding gift for my cousin, which will be a painting for her and her husband.
Alright, time to close out for now. Going to go relax for the rest of the night. I do MMA 3 times a week to loose weight, so I hurt right now. Please contact me if you want a commission.
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So, we are coming to the end of the first semester of graduate school at The University of the Arts, and I am SO glad! I love it here, and I will be continuing with the program, but there is NO differentiation WHATSOEVER between midterms and finals. So, basically, when midterms begin, so do finals, and they don't end until next week. Someone kill me, please! And I don't even have it that bad! I have a friend who thought after today, would be done with writing papers, and he JUST found out he has to write an 8-10 page paper for another class due next week. How much does THAT suck?! I would be kicking myself in the ass!
All Christmas shopping is done, even the wrapping is done. Now I just need to bring the gifts home with me when I go home for Christmas break on the 20th.
I am starting to get a few commissions for tattoo designs. Someone is asking me for a tribal looking, for some reason, that just SOUNDS wrong. But, at MMA, people who I roll with are asking what I do, and when they hear I do artwork and design tattoos, they are asking me for my card. Hopefully, a bit more revenue will kick up going to my Etsy page as well.
Anyway, I have class shortly, and I am going to go check out Penguin shaped earmuffs beforehand. Hehehe...penguins...

Speaking of commissions, if you want something specifically designed for you, please note me here on deviantart, and we will talk.
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I forbid ye maidens all
who let fly your lovely hair
to go down to Carterhaugh
for young Tam Lin is there

Janet tied her kirtle green
above her knee and not below
and she's gone to carterhaugh
just as fast as she can go

She's come to the roses growing wild
she's pulled a single one
when a wild young man appears
and cries 'O, lady, let alone!

'How dare you pull my roses out,
How dare you break my tree
How dare you run in these green woods
Without asking leave of me?'

Says Janet fair 'this wood's my own
My father gave it me
And I can pluck myself a rose
Without asking leave of thee.'

Bold as brass, he takes her hand
and color rises to her skin
She looks the young man in the eye
and knows him now for young Tam Lin.
(Tricky Pixie)

I went to FaerieCon last weekend, and all I want is to go back. I can't stop listening to the music I heard there, and talking like I belong among the Wild Fae and not among mortals. I dream of faeries, dancing nymphs, fantasy, carousels and gypsies. Hopefully, I will have quite a bit of work inspired from this up fairly soon. In the meantime, anyone who wants to listen to anything hypnotizing, I recommend several songs by Tricky Pixie:
-Tam Lin
-Mushroom Song
-Water's In The Hole
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I am a woman afire with ideas. As I sit and watch the made for TV movie about Georgia O'Keef, I almost feel a sort of kinship for the woman who had a million ideas in her head. I think back to the millions of dark and nightmarish ideas I had in my head a very long time ago, and I wonder why my thoughts suddenly turn to the darkness. I think of darkness, of the erotic, of the mysterious. Perhaps it is because my world feels dark, mysterious, and there is a sense of the unknown to me. I do not know how to even begin to capture these ideas, as they are like quicksilver, and shimmer through my fingers as I continue to try to grasp at them. I want to make things come to life like I never have before, and yet I do not know how. I hope I can begin to try.
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I am slowly, but surely, getting back into a groove of drawing. I hope to get the latest drawings I have done into paintings. I will give more of an update later, when I am not so tired from school work. Graduate school has been killing me, and it's not even the end of the second week of school yet. My writing class alone will have 11 papers to be written! Someone remind me why I decided to go back to school?
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...Comes from some other beginnings end. So, I am moving from Baltimore to Philly to start at the beginning of this teacher certification process. I am doing graduate school at the University of the Arts. I will be there for the next two years. During one year, my future husband will be deployed for what will hopefully be his final tour. I will be throwing myself into my school work and my artwork whenever I can. Hopefully, begin back in school, will allow me to get back into my art. I have a million ideas spinning in my head, but recent issues have prevented me from doing any work.
BTW, if any of the drawings start to look like wedding ideas, I wedding is in two years, and I am already thinking about it. Ask WildSpiritWolf...she is making my cake topper. And complete props to her, the one person I feel could make something very unique.
Anyway, I will be moving in this coming week, hopefully when I go down to NC, I will be able to do some drawings. I have a lot of ideas for paintings, but all my painting stuff is packed up. But, hopefully there will be more artwork soon.
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OK, so first, the news outside of art: my school is closing. Yeah. I am here for a year, and already the school I work at is closing. How f**ked up it THAT?! But that's not the worst. Today, I got called on about not signing my observation form by my principal. I basically threatened with my job at one point, or at least, that's how it came off.  So that was a lot of fun.
Alright, so on to art stuff: I have uploaded two pieces for contests, am hoping to finish a third soon. Yin and Yang Mermaids, PLEASE FAVE! The more faves, the more likely I can win. And Promise of the Past seems to be getting a lot of hits. Please comment on and fave.
Still open for commissions. Let me know if you want anything.
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Hello everyone! So, the new year has begun, and already a month has passed. In the spirit of trying to keep up, I have submitted some old work that I completed the day after Halloween, as well as a fantasy piece. But with a new year, come new students, and a whole new set of headaches. Trust me, I am currently counting down the days until summer vacation at this point. But, hopefully, one class will be my reprieve, which is my second period class, they at least make me laugh.
As we all well know, it is tax time. I hate doing my taxes. But speaking of money, PLEASE FEED THE STARVING ART TEACHER! I hope to submit more stuff soon, but I would like to be able to sell a few things. Please, if you want commissions, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you are looking for.
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