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Master of Wind and Wave

Finally sorted out the composition and finished it.

Ebony pencil on Bristol - original size: 11 x 14 inches

Finally broke down and bought an electric eraser. I can't see HOW I ever managed without one before! I highly recommend it as a drawing tool!
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Hiya, just a little message to let you know this piece of work has been featured in Issue 38 of Devious Dragons, the blog for older dragon artwork [link] :)
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Very nice... the composition is laid out well. Even though they're not realistic, I just love the "melty" feeling of the rocks the dragon's on. Good atmospheric perspective too, excepting the dark values in the distance on the water which flatten the sea and disturb the illusion of depth.

That one issue aside, good work!
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Thank you!

I can't recall ever drawing such a detailed landscape in pencil before. I wasn't working with any references either. Your criticism is definitely helpful and I'll keep it in mind next time I do a landscape. Thank you very much :)
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Amazing composition - although the dragon is the star of the picture, it looks more like a snapshot of an event than just another dragon drawing. Beautiful shading too! :clap:
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Thank you :) I certainly didn't want it to be "just another dragon drawing." I was definitely aiming for a sense of realism with this picture... a feeling that yes, indeed, it IS a snapshot of a dragon roaring over the churning seas along a remote shore.
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Now that is good! :clap:
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This piece is some fine pencil work, i am impressed . not to mention its a dragon yay :clap:
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hoca çok güzel olmuşşş valla eline sağlık
ayrıyetten metallica damüthiş olmuş onuda burdan söyleyin ve fav+ layayım ;)
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It's very beautiful! *.* I love the dragon's form and how its wings seem like a smooth thing (like a bat's)... *.*
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Thank you :)

The wings gave me a lot of trouble in the planning stages until I had the chance to talk with the wonderful Jeff Easley at Crescent City CON XX and he gave me some pointers.
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Very nice drawing! Good shading done here. Took me a sec before I realised what the creature was but now I got it.
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yours is the best out of the si posted today by thepencilclub today 23SEP2005
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I love all the detail. You did a great job on the background. The wings of the dragon are very cool. The only thing is the length of the neck..seems a bit long unless that's the way you wanted it.
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Thank you :)

The neck is intentionally long. I tried a shorter version... it didn't look right.
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awsome, again great use of detail and shading, have to fav this too :D
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