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Teuns Free Gradient Pack

This is my very first gradient pack, made for apophysis.
I created this package because I'm often quite bothered when creating a substitution tiling where most color palettes are too overwhelming, having too many colors.

The pack contains 37 gradients as seen on the preview.
The gradients are selected for coloring substitution tilings (and they do look fantastic on them!), but you can obviously use them on all kinds of other fractals too.

So go download this package and have fun coloring your fractals ;)

yaaaaaay applause etc. :bow:
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They look beautiful, can't wait to try them out!
Thank you so much by VladNoxArt
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Thank you for sharing. 
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I was thinking about making a tile one of these days, I'll check your gradients out. :D
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ty and happy holidays!
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Thank you, U2 buddy ^^
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Excellent gradients!  I recently (within a week or two) started trying to make my own, and I never realized how much effort these require.  These are wonderful!  :D
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Thanks a lot and yep it can be pretty frustrating.
Colors are essential when you are making a tiling for example. You need them to visually seperate the patterns within.

Im excited to see a gradient pack of yours in the future :)
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You're welcome fellow fractist :D
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