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Creating Fractalart :D
Fractal Art Weekend Suggested prior knowledge: Know how to use Apophysis or Chaotica (fractal editor software) Know some IFS tiling basics (strongly suggested: rep-tiles tutorial ~by tatasz) Some examples of fractal tiles Just so you know what I will be talking about. From left to right: Gaucho ~by C-91, Tatlin at Home ~by dark-beam, Coven in circles ~by fardareismai, Low Symmetry ~by pillemaster, Trizaic ~by Senzune. And of course some tilings I did myself. What is a tiling? We want to seamlessly cover a surface with a pattern, using a fixed set of shapes (e.g. only parallelograms and triangles). However, it is only allowed to do this
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Currently bezo97 (https://www.deviantart.com/bezo97) is teaching me to program with processing and it is a lot of fun. I am trying to get hold of the IFS fundamentals. Hopefully this will make me able to understand and explain how fractals are formed. So far we've succesfully made a little program that plots a sierpinski gasket. In a previous version I added color but in this one we wanted to display the log-density like it does in apophysis. A very neat feature is that the sierpinski changes shape when moving the mouse! My homework for now would be to add weights to the transforms. Im having sooo much fun :D
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[Update 6-6-2018]: Succesfully re-rendered the image, however the spiral seems to be dissapearing when using different size. I fixed this using some curve adjustments. ---------------------------------------------------------- Currently im re-rendering my deviation "Shattered Liquorice". Both resolution (width in px) and density will be 10 000. Since this fractal is super glitchy I've tried many different ways to achieve this, but none found to be succesful. So I've chosen to render it regulary as an unsliced image, with the 32-bit version of apophysis using a single core. So far everything seems to go fine and my pc has been rendering for
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bedankt voor de watch!, je maakt geweldige fractals!

Thanks, ik doe mijn best 😉

Hi Teun, hartelijk bedankt voor de watch! :hug: :party:

Tja, ook jij maakt erg mooie fractals dus die wil ik niet missen :D