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Dragon Age 2 - Fenris



Back to fan art, male portraits again. Fenris from Dragon Age 2. There are errors, but I'm lazy.

I haven't played DA2 yet, but I've seen enough videos to know that he is major fangirl bait. Seriously, I would not be surprised if the developers put him in simply to attract the female audience.

1. He's a white hair pretty boy.
2. He's an elf.
3. He's angsts and broods to every extreme.
4. He's got tattoos/scars.
5. He's has a dark and tragic past, plus he's well, a friggin' EX-SLAVE.
6. He's badass.
7. He's voiced by Gideon Emery.

I guess the only downside really is that he's kinda murderous, insane asshole, but when has that ever stopped the fangirls?

Reference was from some Youtube video.
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