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Sora in KH3d by LoveLoki
Aqua With Long Hair by kairistar12
Sketch 39 by Animated-Paradox
I Will Never Be a Memory by RadiusZero
Kingdom Hearts Series
Anti Guardian Nightmare by SongbirdRebel
KH Bit Sniper 3D Sculpt by TheCKCreator
Winner's proof by Moogle007
Vanitas by kairistar12
Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart - More than a Punch by CrystalMoonlight1
King of the Northern Cave by SophieBrigitteXD
DoC: First Encounter at the Shinra Building by CrystalMoonlight1
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VIII - Edea Kramer 2nd render by TulioMinaki
Final Fantasy VIII - Zell Dincth 2nd render by TulioMinaki
The Hanged Man - Rising breeze Tarot project by DarkRinoa88
The Hermit (Rising Breeze Tarots Project) by SophieBrigitteXD
Final Fantasy X and X-2
What Can I Do For You? by oruntia
Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
Illuminate by NomadicKnyte
Lightning2 by NomadicKnyte
20140507  FFXIII Lightning by Ana-Archer
Varcolaci inspi armour by DeathBeeWillGetYou
Final Fantasy XV
Feeling blue with out Noct. . by OmniaMohamedArt
.:Noctis and Stella-UPDATED-:. by Ultima-Memoria
Noctis and Stella:Love or Hate by OmniaMohamedArt
Noctis and Stella - EPIC FIFTEEN by Bob-Raigen
Dissidia Final Fantasy
FF XIII : Lightning by StellaNoct
Zidane Tribal ff 9 by Lightninglouise
Happy Birthday Rena! by Envy-kun99
Dissidia: Celes Chere by isaiahjordan
Game Over - The World Ends With You by roxastuskiomi
A little surprise. Neku by Adezartist
CE: TheReapersInitiation - Neku in Purple by Sonicbandicoot
Parasite Eve
Aya Brea (Parasite eve) by FairyFaily
Parasite Eve Disneyland Caricatures lol by emilynguyenart
Aya Brea Sprite Bahamut Lagoon Style by dreamer-aruki
Liberation by RadiusZero
Sora and Sazan by Moogle007
Hatsune Miku x Testuya Nomura by Zellphie
Youtube Interfaces
Aerith Gainsborough Layout by DreamsSummoner
Founder and Co-Founders
Smirk by RussianTsarina


IGNIS and ZERO (This Silence is) by KinArisugawa IGNIS and ZERO (This Silence is) :iconkinarisugawa:KinArisugawa 23 6 Noctis Lucis Caelum by 8Bpencil Noctis Lucis Caelum :icon8bpencil:8Bpencil 158 62 Rydia Sprite Bahamut Lagoon Style by dreamer-aruki Rydia Sprite Bahamut Lagoon Style :icondreamer-aruki:dreamer-aruki 6 0 Zack Sprite Bahamut Lagoon Style by dreamer-aruki Zack Sprite Bahamut Lagoon Style :icondreamer-aruki:dreamer-aruki 2 0 Noel and Serah by OmniaMohamedArt Noel and Serah :iconomniamohamedart:OmniaMohamedArt 197 69 Light. by moxie2D Light. :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 2,074 125 Firion and the Rose by hikari-ness666 Firion and the Rose :iconhikari-ness666:hikari-ness666 2 1 TWEWY 5 by neko-tin TWEWY 5 :iconneko-tin:neko-tin 54 1 No time to waste by LightningTheArtist No time to waste :iconlightningtheartist:LightningTheArtist 22 15 Riku - How to be back by NanjoKoji Riku - How to be back :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 387 57 Noctis Lucis Caelum : On Car by pinkyluxun Noctis Lucis Caelum : On Car :iconpinkyluxun:pinkyluxun 565 85 Lone Soldier by Bluedog24wolf Lone Soldier :iconbluedog24wolf:Bluedog24wolf 74 15 FINAL FANTASY VS XIII - NOCTIS by sakuravaanlonhart FINAL FANTASY VS XIII - NOCTIS :iconsakuravaanlonhart:sakuravaanlonhart 205 14 Cloud Strife by gavwoodhouse Cloud Strife :icongavwoodhouse:gavwoodhouse 2,030 277 Roxas Paint Sketch by TerrorEffect Roxas Paint Sketch :iconterroreffect:TerrorEffect 459 43 0309 KH2 - Namine by MilKitten 0309 KH2 - Namine :iconmilkitten:MilKitten 862 75




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What is this group about?

:bulletblue: About us

:jsenn: Well of course, this is a group totally dedicated to Mr.Nomura which means you'll be able to post anything that is based upon his works, have discussions about him and plenty of other stuff! We are Final Fantasy fans just like a lot of people on :devart: and we just want to show our appreciation for the character designer who inspires us to become better artists! :iconberwaldplz:

:bulletblue: Tetsuya Nomura

:jsenn: Working for Square-Enix company, Tetsuya Nomura is one of the most famous character designers in the video game industry. He is best known for working on both the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchise. He was also the producer behind the amazing movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and is currently working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and alot more to come!

:bulletblue: Why making this group?

:jsenn: Since there are not a lot of groups here related to him, I've been thinking of making one! This is mainly to show our appreciation to the guy who inspires us all! :iconfinallyplz:

:bulletblue: What can I submit?

:jsenn: You are free to submit artworks that are related to Mr. Nomura, this includes the characters from Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10 and 13, the Kingdom Hearts series and also other titles that can be found in the Group Folders. There is no limit to the number of submissions per week! You can take a look here:… to be sure about the games he worked for!

:bulletblue: How to join

:jsenn: If you're interested in joining this group, just click on "join our group" on top of the page to become a member of the Tetsuya Nomura club!
Hi guys, sorry for not being as active as I should be on the website and the group. I'll stick around alot more often now so I'm sorry if you got your deviations expired, feel free to re-submit your art. Also if some of you would like to help us with the group, feel free to let us know! :)

I also updated the gallery folders now Final Fantasy XV has it's own folder, since it's no longer part of the XIII games.

Oh and have you seen the trailers of both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV from e3? I couldn't believe what I saw! They are both confirmed for the PS4 and XBOX One. I'll put links if you haven't watched it yet, although I'm sure most of you did already.

FFXV trailer:…
More gameplay:…

KH3 trailer:…
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Final Fantasy XVI - PS5 in-game screenshot 02 by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy XVI FFXVI - Logo Motion-FX Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy VII Rebirth | 4K Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy VII Remnant | 1080p Logo Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI  
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Is the group dead or just understaffed? Submissions are expiring
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is this group still alive?
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Yea... What anadia-chan said
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If you guys are too busy I think you might want to consider appointing new admins that are more active.
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This is a awkward question but do you think Nintendo with Square Enix's permission should get Tetsuya Nomura to provide the character artwork for SSB4?
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thank you for accepting my aqua deviation! :blowkiss:
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If guys want Join Project Crystallis Bring Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Light.

For All Final Fantasy Fans! Project Crystallis is a fan organization to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization and Final Fantasy Versus XIII real information, make sure to sign the petition for this campaign. Thank you! |YouTube to Watch: watch?v=inzdaXP--cQ| [link]
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You really should make folders for both The Bouncer and the Brave Fencer Musashi series.

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