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[Roseilorns] Summer Mod Set [2/8 OPEN] Price Drop!

It's been really hot where I am lately, so to cool us down, the mods and I have brought you a set of summer treat/drink Roseilorn!

Please @ the designer of the adopt you want to purchase!


- You may make them whatever sex/gender you want! 
- Traits may only be changed via the roseilorns trait shop unless downgrading.
- Any markings, colours, trait changes must be approved by Tetsumiro 
- Do NOT edit the original artwork without permission. 
- Paypal USD; No Refunds; All Sales Final.
- FCFS, No Holds; Pay within 24 Hours.
- You may only resell the design for what you paid +paid commissioned work. 
- Remember to update the masterlist the-rosegarden when trading/reselling/gifting a Roseilorn.

Summer Treat by Tetsumiro | Rose (C) | Small Horn (C) | Medium Ears (C) | Short Tail (UC) | On Base | $25 SOLD

Blue Dragon by Squeexie | Rose (C) | Long Horn (C) | Medium Ears (C) | Droop Tail (C) | On Base by HoneyKing on FA | $15 SOLD

Tropical Breeze by Squeexie | Rose (C) | Small Kirin Horn (R) | Long Ears (UC) | Up Tail (R) | On Base by HoneyKing on FA | $20

Coconut Hibiscus Fizz by OtaruKun | Mixed Blooms (R) | Long Horn (C) | Medium Ears (C) | Droop Tail (C) | Off Base $70 SOLD

Fruit Tingle by SammaCo  | Rose (C) | Small Horn (C) | Small Ears (C) | Droop Tail (C) | On Base by Ryno-Chalklut | $25

Neon Shaved Ice by OtaruKun | Rose (C) | Long Horn (C) | Long Ears (UC) | Short Tail (UC) | Off Base $30 SOLD

Mint Mojito by JunnieBEANS | Hibiscus Flower (R) | Small Horn (C) | Small Ears (C) | Long Tail (C) | Off Base $20 SOLD

I <3 Watermelon by JunnieBEANS | Civia Bloom (R) | Small Horn (C) | Super Long Ears (R) | Bob Tail (SR) | Off Base $20 SOLD

Magical creatures, they are in tune with nature, and have an affinity for controlling plant life by making things grow.
Roseilorns are a CS by Tetsumiro and you may not make your own without permission.
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© 2019 - 2021 Tetsumiro
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Neon Shaved Iced OtaruKun
Getting it for AnemicDevil
OtaruKun's avatar
Thank you I will DM you!
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Blue Dragon and Mint Mojito Plz!

Squeexie JunnieBEANS 
Squeexie's avatar
slkdjflksdjdfg k <3
JunnieBEANS's avatar
*wheezes* I'll DM you ;A;7
K-A-Karma's avatar
JunnieBEANS may I get I <3 Watermelon please?
JunnieBEANS's avatar
Absolutely~ Please send the payment here: and I will send the file right over ^o^
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Can I get coconut hibiscus fizz plz OtaruKun 
xdemonlover13's avatar
Oh btw this is epsi 
OtaruKun's avatar
Ur illegal. 

I'll DM you. TwT
xdemonlover13's avatar
Im sOrRy xD <3 big thank 
JunnieBEANS's avatar
Tetsumiro o|< summer treat plz
Tetsumiro's avatar
Yass I'll DM you <3
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