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I'm a long time enjoyer of the TF genre, and have done a little bit of writing in the genre.

I'm also just starting to try and learn to create some AI art to supplement the stories I've always written. I understand and fully agree with the many criticisms of AI art. I have no artistic talent beyond photography, and have for years lacked the ability to create any non-written imagery of my interests. AI art is a way to create something fun, and perhaps other will enjoy it as well.

Tools of the Trade
For writing, my trusty laptop.
Other Interests
Photography, writing, shooting, swimming, reading...
Sunsetting NSFW Gallery on DA - Moving to Patreon TL;DR - DA is a pain, so I’ll only be posting my SFW stuff on DA, and move my NSFW stuff to Patreon. Recently DA has become especially onerous to upload art, and recently it has begun only allowing one image at a time, which needs to then be tagged, described, and posted separately. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do nearly as many image posts on DA anymore as I used to. Previously, when posting an image to my DA subscribers I would add several, then censor them, add those censored images to the post, and then copy and paste all the tags and descriptions between all the images. Then go post them all in their respective galleries. Now, it’s just not possible to do it that way. And especially for multiple images and sequences in particular. So, now DA will become mostly a showcase of my best (few) images from a particular series or sequence, and will be posted in the censored version only when necessary. All my NSFW stuff
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New Patreon! Hey everyone, I just created a Patreon after several here suggested it might be easier for some than subscribing via DA. Only one post at the moment (uncensored version of my Vaporeon TF) but much more content to come in the next few days! My plan for my Patreon is to have all the uncensored content I post here, as well as image variants that have not been posted, and a few experimental images as I’m workijg on something new. There will be regular updates as info, as well as a tranche of all the uncensored stuff on my DA subscription and several image variations that have been waiting to be posted. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions, and I’ll be sure to incorporate what I can! Thank you all for your support! patreon.com/Tetsumi21
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Hey guys, some of my posts have run afoul of DA’s rules, so I’m forced to put them behind a paywall. I’ll still post things that comply with the rules openly, and I’ll post censored versions of the rule-breaking content as well. The paywall is only a dollar if you’re so inclined, and I’ll still be looking for ways to post things for free elsewhere and here. Let me know your thoughts on this, or if there’s a better way to go about it. My remaining posts will all stay up until someone somewhere complains, and as they’re taken down I’ll just move them over behind the wall and re-post a censored version. Thanks for all your support, and again let me know your thoughts on the comments.
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I like your new dinogirls, I do have a suggestion on your censored content. Instead of putting a circle or a mask, you could use the environment like leafs, tree branches, rocks or any scraps of clothing still covering sexual content if you can that is. I think I'll be much better than flat shapes removing details you put time in to make.

I appreciate the suggestion! Since this is all AI work, I’d have to write that into the prompt somehow, and then I wouldn’t get the uncensored stuff I want. I could try and create a leaf “stamp” or something which might be nominally more attractive than the flat shapes, but I think that’s my only option to censor an image, without creating two completely different images.

What if you just Photoshop the areas with my suggestions, would that be easier rewriting the ai. I mean just create a layer, then add something to cover on top censored areas of the image.

I need to improve my photoshop skills! I feel like it would be pretty tough to create something to obscure it and overlay it with it looking natural. But let me play around and see what I can do. Maybe it wouldn’t be that tough?

thanks for watching 👍 and your arts looks good

Thanks so much!

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