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Raziel Elemental Reavers

By Tetsugem28
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1# Sword: Spectral Reaver
2# Sword: Fire Reaver
3# Sword: Water Reaver
4# Sword: Material Reaver
5# Sword: Air Reaver
6# Sword: Darck Reaver
7# Sword: Light Reaver
8# Sword: Earth Reaver
9# Sword: Spirit Reaver
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The LOK series was truly awesome what a waste with how this series died. I hope some company picks this up and revive it.
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That would be the most amazing thing, that happend in my life...
AskTheGreySkull's avatar
Cool. I mostly like to use air reaver and dark reaver. I don't have spirit reaver yet but it looks and sounds cool.
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Hey, this is really, really awesome. I love how you've incorporated all the elements from Defiance and yet stayed true to the shape from Soul Reaver 1 and 2 (I didn't like how the Reaver resembled his physical counterpart so much in Defiance).

I used this awesome picture as a reference on the newest fanart I'm creating. I've already uploaded the current state (it's still a work in progress) and gonna mention you in the description now ^^
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Could I use your Fire Reaver for my Devil May Cry character collage? If not, I understand.
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That is cool!
aniviod2904's avatar
*takes the spirit reaver* hehe... now i want to see my math teacher now
kopes's avatar
Tbh. I'd much rather take the Dark Reaver. charge it up and poof away in the shadows. Alot more fun
Gunslinger-of-Hearts's avatar
:icondragonwant: OOOOH~!!!
Nice work
Raziel-Dumah-Rahab's avatar
*sneaks up behind and steals the Darck Reaver* bruhaha! *runs off* PIZZA SLICIN' TIME!!
Gunslinger-of-Hearts's avatar
Oh Splendid!! :D I can use this for cutting the cake! :iconcakeplz:
Gamemaster15014's avatar
my two favorits r the fire reaver and the material reaver
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RadicalArtEnthusiast's avatar
Very nice work ya did here ^_^
RagaRaga96's avatar
I've always preferred the fire reaver. I love seeing the little revenants run ablaze lol
Kobaltmaster's avatar
nicely done O.O I like it!
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Razi-boy's avatar
I love this i just don't get it how could i miss this.
LordSerion's avatar
Cool! I prefer the Wind reaver - I love the sight when my tornado blast sends the enemies flying everywhere :D
Tetsugem28's avatar
haha yeah, but i think that the best one was the dark reaver,you hit and they miss
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Wow, this image deserves more views and favorites. Seriously, this is winepic work.
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I hope that sometime it where like you say bro! thanks!:D
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Hey hey, great job!
I wanted to do something like this, but you can't beat that =P
Tetsugem28's avatar
Sure you can,, must draw toooo many time, and then U'll beat too :D
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