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We are driving ourselves on a concrete highway
But we cannot find the gears, and the car’s burning,
And our hands were never on the steering wheel
The guttering, gasping bloodthroat is sinking into a drain,
Metal dividing blood into streams for the sewer, the sewer side

A dark tide breaks
A black gale rises

The government has left hope in the
Committee; and no longer do we see their faces
We have found solace in hallucination
That the walls drip like wax is better than the bloody sight
Of the open curtains and the radio tuned in.

We’ve given ourselves to the shell,
To Moloch and to mechanism
Deep in the bowels of technology,

It is not sunset, but still down, down the sun
I watch women on billboards wonder whom they are surveying,
And leer and grin and die inside for the price of perfume
So I sing the blues, speak for the society without secret
This is the dead flag blues

It went like this:

All the stones on stones
Pulled themselves down,
No debris on the street, but all in their boundaries
The panic-stricken faces of the maternal
Not laying down their children,
Sought for what they had lost,
Then shorn, symbols broken, free.

New York’s ablaze, I’ve set the Cotswold limestone of the
Academics aflame
The sky and the buildings know fire.
The spine of every bit of concrete was contorted
And the vertebrae were snapped
The metal reached up,
Under the apocalypse-dusk like antennas to heaven.

The last days dawn, the tribulation
The contractions of the birth are peaking
So what could I do,
But sing these blues
A love song,
Won’t you kiss me,
As I cling to your knees blank
With nausea and sorrow and the foetal position
Won’t you kiss me,
Because you’re beautiful and you are like the fire and you are consuming
And I don’t know why.

And you said yes,
These blues for the flags on flagpoles,
Sunken into fabric rigor mortis
This is still how it sounds as I sing to the earth
You took my hand and I was wrapped up
We fell into our peripheral embrace
Drifting on meadows of sunbeams
Shivering and feverish in bed

The song is over. It is my dream,
My dream of you,
And even if we wake up in summer
We awaken
And the dream is gone
Fall, that snatching away of this hope,
This romance
A want to be oblivious, to not have seen
This is the Valley of Decision
The shadow of death, this is the hour
Our eyes are fixed open, gazing at the roof

After we have got out of bed
I look inside my wallet
And let out a river of blood.
Cover Version: A reinterpretation of someone's else writing.
Features Dead Flag Blues (intro) by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, which can be found here (which accompanying bleak images) [link]
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stranger-than-me's avatar
very powerpull piece of work, secoundly i never knew any ones else liked Godspeed You! Black Emperor good to see
tetrarchangel's avatar
Ah come on, you couldn't be the only one, but they are few and far between. Yes, I'm especially proud of how this one metamorphosed from the original. Maybe I should send it to Efrim.
stranger-than-me's avatar
i come from a tiny villiage in scotland where there idea of alternative music is nickleback! :)Your very talentent writer you ever tryed geting published?
tetrarchangel's avatar
In progress with my novel.
vouloir's avatar
nice, i love "We have found solace in hallucination" ..very cool piece.
tetrarchangel's avatar
Thank you very much - I was trying to reflect the original whilst injecting my own thoughts, this mix of romance and apocalypse.
seanpt's avatar
well done, i especially like the last 3 lines, very powerful i think :nod: :)
tetrarchangel's avatar
Yes, it brings it back from this feverish romance into something much darker and real.
plummetingjaguar's avatar
Another amazing piece, and a great example of the cover version genre (you know, that genre that you invented) has so much of the same feeling and is still so different. v muchly impressed.
Oh yeah, and the origonal version is awesome too =D
tetrarchangel's avatar
The original is absolutely stunning, I hope I captured some of its spirit. Ta for the favourite, and on goes the post-rocking. (oh, and check the link for my cover version plans for world domination: [link] look at the bottom comments).
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