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Withering Dragon

By tetramera
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Dragons in Goetia don't die of old age. Instead, they grow until they can't move and start merging with the ground, spreading corruption and rot around them. In a sense, they were never truly alive in the first place, so this is a natural state of their being, merging with the earth that gave birth to them. 

P.S. if you want to see some detail shots, there's a public post on our patreon:…
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It would be freaking awesome to see this printed on a wall in an art exposition!!

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Your gorgeous dragon here inspired me to write this: 
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Is it Sai or Photoshop?
tetramera's avatar
100% photoshop!
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What a sad existence.
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Such a majestic creature.
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Wow the detail is amazing!  Great work. 
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This is a masterpiece!
MethusulaComics's avatar
Nicely done! this looks amazing.
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Alright, I love it. The ancient dilapidated dragon and everything. Just has a vibe to it for sure.
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i really like the mcdonalds arch in there :)
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it too spreads lethal corruption
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Wow this looks amazing
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sweet! This is great!
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I love the thought put behind this a part of something bigger?
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i feel the texture :o

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Whoa, that's a cool design ;)
What a great concept and evocative image.
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This is a giant Worm-Dragon, good work.
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