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Sakuya Customizable Sprite



First in a set of three that will eventually be released for free use. As the license states, please do not use commercially. It's not required, but I'd love to have a link to your game if you use it. :D

A couple notes -

Every color in this sprite is able to be changed. As a result, all colors are on different layers. I've done my best to label and group everything to make it a bit easier to use. Because of the amount of layers, this file will be unable to be opened in Sai due to the program's 250 layer limit, but Photoshop and GIMP are able to be used. If you intend to change the skin tone, note that on a couple of the clothing groups and mouth types there is a layer titled "skin shadow." These would need to be changed as well.

This sprite was originally made to be used in a moe-themed alarm clock Android/iPhone app. The art direction was inspired by Mizuki Kotora's work in Wanko To Kurasou. She was originally a tsundere-type character named Sakuya, however, the project fell through a year ago. Now it's been redrawn, recolored, and new features/outfits have been added for your use. Enjoy!

(the return of the ruffly clothes and sweater dresses! I really don't draw anything else ^^;)
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Exploring working with these kinds of characters, and this one looks very good, and like it will be fun! Thanks so much.