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Tetiel commented on SS: Sea of Snow by Tetiel
What you said about the trees was absolutely spot on. I think I should get rid of them and now that I look at it, the composition could actually do with a good crop for a more "widescreen" look, though it pains me since I'd also need to get rid of her boots and I really like them :p Thanks for the critique!
SS: Sea of Snow
I appreciate this critique more than you know. It was very helpful! Thank you! You're right about the slouching. I actually hadn't noticed that before, but the head is definitely too forward and the part about the head not being aligned with the body is spot on. I'll definitely watch for that in the future since it's probably a common problem for me. At some point I should get a camera. With my webcam-only resources, I think I'd be better off with stock photos as a reference. I do that usually now, but I think this project was started during the period where I didn't, or if I did, it was referenced from another drawing - a big no no!

Anyways, thanks so much again. I'll take everything you said into consideration :)
Customizable game sprite 2
What do you think I should rename it to? I was almost debating on putting this into scraps, but some people said they found it helpful despite my thinking that it was useless.

At the same time, I did say why I felt my choices were good ones. Or I at least tried. I apologize if that didn't get through.
Design-Composition Walkthrough
Thank you! Out of curiosity, how high is your resolution? Did you full view it? On my laptop, the images look pretty big, but I didn't take into consideration people who have more than 1280x800. Sorry about that. ^^; They're on scale to how big I drew them, though.

As far as folds and creases, I am REALLY not good at them. As in really bad. I don't feel that I could write a tutorial on it without teaching people the wrong thing. Pleats, however are an excellent idea! Thanks for the suggestion :D

If you want a tutorial on clothes, though, here is what I'm trying to learn from:
It is AWESOME. Honestly, she does a better job, I think, of explaining everything I even put here ^^;
Misc Clothing Detail Tutorial
First of all, thank you very much for the critique! I didn't have time till the deadline of the assignment to read it, but it will definitely help me with future comics. As far as the background, I honestly ran out of time to finish them. I probably will eventually once I relax a little bit. To give you a little bit more background, here's the assignment:

I think part of my problem is that I drew every single frame on a different file and then they eventually came together. I found that this was a very bad idea and changed it up for the next assignment. It really hurt the flow of everything and I hadn't really planned everything. The good news is, it allows me to revisit the one I tried the most on which is 6. I plan to make it bigger and recolor the piece and take your advice on the lighting. I forgot to change the color of the lighting partially because of how rushed I was.

With 7-14, you're absolutely right. I hadn't thought about ordering them like that. It looks very disjointed. The original comic I linked you to should explain it, but basically the fireballs were meant to be about two inches away from the edge of the paper otherwise it would explode.

Panel 15 was actually a Persona 3 and 4 reference. I don't know if you've ever played those games, but when the characters hit a weak point before calling their persona, they have an expression like that. If you haven't played those games, you really should. They're excellent.

But once again, thank you for the critique! It's been a long time since I've heard from you. How have you been? (I should check up on your journals lol)
S2 Fire Assignment AoH