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The Fires on the Bald Mountain
I saw the fires of the Dragon lick the threshold of heaven, on the bald mountain where no trees grow.
And the heavens accepted it graciously,
bestowing floods of gifts and miracles
and he, most of all, was the miracles of miracles
That savior that stood at the heart of the dragon fires.
He was the one,
The one who was forbidden,
The one who should never be.
The one we all wished for in murdered memory.
In the burning of winter he came,
In the fires of the dragons he shone.
The wielder of lighting,
The mover of mountains,
The one true king.
With spears and gnashing teeth did they great him.
With his tears and blood did they see.
Our first shade was broken, and cast into the sea.        
In the fires of the Dragon,
On the bald mountain,
I saw the true face of man. With the animals they ran.  
I saw that I was one with him and he was one with the land. And the children bowed down and worshiped him
The forbidden son of man.
On the bald moun
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COT advice for SweetYuya by Tet64 COT advice for SweetYuya :icontet64:Tet64 2 8
The Song attracts many
Tales from the Universe Tree:
The song attracts many.
Giant columns of smoke could still be seen here or there across the field as the black mounds of bodies still burned unceasingly, streaking the red sky of twilight with a deep blackness as though they were tears of mourning. The field had been farmland once, rich and fertile, and the sparse wheat that still remained undamaged shone like gold in the setting sun. Knights and soldiers strode the field with quarterstaff's or the butt ends of halberds prodding the ground for missing bodies, friend and foe alike, to fuel the mounds. The smell of the mounds infected the air and the searchers clenched their bellies with their freehand. They searched mechanically. As much as a hundred men, or maybe more, dotted the corners of the field. Some prayed silently to The Universe Tree as they searched; prayed that the Tree would take the fallen to their reward into the Light of Elysium beyond existence and suffering, beyond the universe. The smell
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Of Poki And Loki
Poki once said to Loki
“Who are you?”
and Loki said
“Why do you ask?”
and Poki hopped up and down
with a boy in his mind and a man in his heart
and he said with his head up side down
“I am you but nothings in my head, now will
you please come along and sleep in my bed?”
and Loki grabbed his eyes and he pulled them out
he wiped them on his shirt and began to shout
“I am not you
nor am I them
and I me and I am you
and beds are like Anansi
Funny and embarrassing.
With my ass in my mouth
And my penis in my balls
I’ll hop away with fright and a happy strole!”
And Poki bent over and slapped his ass
And he hopped back over and he said with crass
“your happy strole will not last
For the were hogs are out and the
Spiders will hunt you and the snakes
will squeeze and Anansi will say
‘I’ll do as you please’ “
But Loki just scoffed and put his eyes back in his skull
he slapped his twin
with his face and his nose
and the happ
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Utter Nonsense
How can a tail less fish swim?
It is a question that makes one wonder,
Just like life and all its stupid limbs
The question asks to be ponder.
It is the answer that will count,
Perhaps we should ask great lord Cthalhu.
Or perhaps the seeker of knowledge can mount
The steed lord Sleipnir for our sought answers.
And in my nonsense I float on the shining ocean
So that I can dive to R’lyeh to ask my question,
And dive deeply I do with one graceful motion
And with a weird something I called trepidation.
Thanks be to the great Lord Cthulhu
For saving my mouth from Mr. Deeulhu.
:icontet64:Tet64 0 0
Finger Nails
The man examined his finger nails; he picked at them with his free hand annoyingly trying to remove the lightly embedded hangnails that hid behind the chubby, decaying flesh surrounding it. His face was tired but plain.
“I hate them” he thought, his probing became more intense and, to his amazement, more useless.
“I hate them, there so pointless. There an evolutionary back water, left over from the days of the cave man, no even earlier than that. Why do we even need them? What is there purpose now? To simply be there and annoy people like me? To shape the tips of my fingers into malformed, uneven, broken, and…and…” he trailed off. The word would not come out.
    The man stopped his picking and probing and simply stared at the unwanted, useless parasites “Evolution’s funny” He thought “You would think that, after all this time, the brain would allow something so painfully useless to simply rot away and form something
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Of Dreams and Nightmares
Here in my house
I sleep with lies
Singing to my brain silently.
Repose is no time of rest for me.
In madness above me,
I see things in masquerade
Dancing and singing in the toothless mouth of the murderer.
Innocent and cherubic
they dance to the rhythm of his lapping, probing tongue.
Malice and hunger and greed drool down in streams of blood to kiss me.
In reason below me,
I see heaven veiled
in the shadows of  Poseidon.
Ships made of fingers and eyes and emeralds waltz under me.
Nymphs and Sirens sing a song to my tired ears
Whilst the Dolphins race the children of Dagon
with glee and laughter.
In death beside me,
I see myself in a bed of roses.
A wolf sleeps at my altars feet
While flames of dreams and nightmares wash over his master.
And here in my tomb,
with my guardian at my feet.
I sleep with lies and dreams
And repose is mine at last.
:icontet64:Tet64 1 2
Mature content
I Bleed for you :icontet64:Tet64 1 2
A Lie Tells the Truth
“You seem a little confused.” Said the Devil to the living man.
“Shouldn’t I be?” said the living man.
They sat on opposites ends of the living man’s kitchen table, a perfectly round thing made of rose wood (or so the living man guessed). It was beautifully carved, maybe even by hand and when it was all clean and polished it shined the soft shine of plastic in sunlight.
“You must remember who I am,” Said the Devil casually, “I am, after all, the ‘father of all lies’, ‘the beast’, ‘the great enemy’, ‘the prince of darkness’, all that flattering stuff. People being confused at the sight of me isn’t something I’m used to.”
“I don’t see why not.”
“What do you mean?”
The living man crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, “Well, first off, you don’t look like the devil.”
The living man nodded nonchalantly, “Really.”
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