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I had a rough day at school. We had two subs, one in science and one in math. Everyone except for me in both of those classes would not shut the fuck up even after the subs told them to be quiet. The worst thing is, my math teacher gets all butt hurt and lectures us for being "disrespectful and stupid kids," while I'm over in the back of the class having done nothing wrong. In fact, its only because all the dumb fucks in my class wouldn't shut their damn mouths for ten minutes, I have no fucking clue what we're doing. I'm the only person in that class who knows what we've been doing up till now and I'm not about to get up and help all those dumb fucks. Its their fault they know the material, not mine. The school also got me sick because they thought they could hand out rotten muffins for breakfast. Now my dad isn't letting me defuse and chill because I have a book assignment due tomorrow and I have a D in that class. not a surprise when I'm a freshman taking PRE_AP ENGLISH! So yeah, I'm pissed off and in desperate need of relaxation that I can't get.

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