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DEADLINE - new years day

Draw any of my characters. That's it. Just draw any of my characters as good as you can. You can do multiple entries  (you can only win with one). You can draw multiple of my characters. NSFW and gore and whatnot is okay  (I'm not bothered by it at all). Comment before entering. Tag me in finished entries and just have fun.

Everybody wins at least something. You'll get a colored sketch of any one of your characters just for entering.

First place gets 500 points and a full drawing

Second place gets 300 points and a full drawing

Third place gets 200 points and a full drawing.
Yeah that's pretty much it. I don't really expect anybody to enter. Hell I'll be shocked if any enters. Well have fun and enjoy
Arkeriel is holding an art contest where you can win up to $50. Join before it ends!…
This boy


I need some help designing cloths for him. He doesn't look good in regular modern clothing and I can't figure out what I want him to wear. If I could get some people to help me out design clothing for him, I'd very much appreciate it. And If I could get some drawings of the cloths I could pay in either art or points.
My WiFi is shit rn so I'll just explain it in the comments if you're interested.
All art is 75 points cuz I hate my art, you hate my art and everybody hates my art. And apparently a 3 digit number is too scary for you. Comment down below if interested. Say exactly what you want and I probably won't even start for a week, do a shitty job on it, butcher your character, and then wonder why nobody wants to buy my shitty art . Enjoy.
I feel like making a bunch of short little chibi comics, but can't think of anything.

Comment a couple of scenarios and a couple of characters. They can be mine, yours, or someone else's.
I'm looking for people to rp with cuz my friends are normally not available. I would like to see my characters interacting with other people's characters .

What I'm okay with/ can do/ am looking for.

• people who start the characters off as strangers and let it build.

• people who set the scene well

•rping in notes or Skype

• not too kinky

•keep it interesting

•let me know when you leave for a while

•pick good times. I'm not always available.

•characters that go well with mine.

What I'm not okay with/please don't do these

•assume the characters already know each other.

• try to make them have sex

• anything I consider weird. (I'll let you know)

• not setting up the scene well

• leaving without telling me.

•shipping characters that don't go together.

• introduce extra characters.

If you think you fit the bill comment down below with one of your characters, where you want to rp (notes or Skype), and what format you want to use.

I'm more likely to accept friends or people I know. I will choose which character of mine is will use. I will be picky and will leave if you start doing things I'm not okay with. You get one reminder.

I you like to rp with Skype, I'll give you my name and you can add me in a chat.
So I have a weird skin condition where I get rashes all over my body that don't go away for months. They usually start at one random spot and spread all over my body in a matter of days. Before I thought it was eczema and I've tried about 8 different lotions, oils and creams, but nothing has worked and in most cases they actually make things worse. It can't be psoriasis because I don't get the distinctive dry patches. We then thought it was because I was allergic to my dog and I am, but the rashes didn't go away when the dog stopped sleeping on my bed. It can't be a hygiene problem. I'm a very clean person. And I can't find any food allergies I might have. So if any body has this problem or knows what it is or what's causing it or even how to make it go away, please let me know.

Btw I've had this condition since I was 4 so this isn't new.
In this contest, you will draw one of my characters with a certain theme and whatever. This isn't best gets all. You will be rated on how well you express the characters theme. The style of your work  (your art may not be the best, but your style is cool) and how well you draw. So there can be up to 3 winners.

Ref- testtobepossessed14.deviantart…

Theme- friendship.
You can draw her with one your characters or one of mine. Must be a couples drawing.

Ref- (doesn't really have one. This'll do for now) testtobepossessed14.deviantart…

Theme- torture
Color scheme- white, purple, and black.

Ref- testtobepossessed14.deviantart…

Theme- city life (I mean. The dude lives in a scrap yard)

Ref- testtobepossessed14.deviantart…

Theme- fire

Ref- simple version:…

Complex version: testtobepossessed14.deviantart…

Theme- abuse

You can also suggest other possible characters and themes for them.

Best expresstion of theme-
1st place
    100 points
     Free complete drawing shading and complex BG
     Free chibi drawing

2nd place
      50 points
      Free shaded drawing
      Free chibi

3rd place
   25 points
   Free headshot
   Free chibi

Best style-
1st place
    75 points
    Free full drawing
    Free chibi

2nd place
    50 points
    Free shaded drawing
     Free chibi

3rd place
    25 points
    Free headshot

Best art-
1st place
    100 points
     Free full drawing

2nd place
       75 points
       Free shaded drawing

3rd place
     50 points
      Free headshot
No determined deadline so far. I'll stop if I don't have enough submissions or when I feel I have enough.

Either tag me in entries or put them in the comments of this journal. You can make more the one entry but can't get more than one prize. Everyone gets at least a free sketch for joining. All chibi prizes and sketches will be made in batches.

Have fun.
told to do this by EnchantedDoveWolf 

Comment on this journal and I'll answer what applies. 

If you came to my door at 3am I would..
( ) Answer, then slam the door closed
( ) "Ugh...the door is....too far away"
( ) Ignore you
( ) "Get off my lawn"
( ) Answer, "Do you need something"
( ) Get up from bed, trips sliding across the floor and quickly open the door with a flirty smile
( ) Open the door quickly pulling you inside

If I saw you crying I would.....
( ) Hold you and wont let go
( ) "What's wrong?"
( ) Cry with you
( ) Smirk and laugh
( ) Try and cheer you up

If you confess liking me I would...
( ) Blush
( ) Laugh and walk off
( ) "I like you too!"
( ) Stand shocked
( ) "Um...can we stay friends?"
( ) "Em.. its okay!"

If we kissed I would....
( ) Kiss back
( ) Pull you closer
( ) grip your hair
( ) too shocked to move
( ) Laugh
( ) Blush

To me you're ...
( ) Friend
( ) bae
( ) stranger
( ) acquaintance
( ) My whole world
( ) I don't know

Would I date you ...
( ) Maybe
( ) Yes
( ) no
( ) I don't even know

You should ...
( ) Put this as your journal so I can comment
( ) Talk to me 
( ) Love me
I want some art of the main character of the novel I'm writing.

His name is Baily. He's a highly depressed teen. He's really skinny(doesn't eat much) and has dark, frazzled, not guide shoulder length hair. He normally just wears jeans and T-shirts.

I have about 1,100 points to spend on art, but am also willing to do art trades, or make customs.

I'm asking for commissions cuz I can't draw people to save my life. I will be kinda picky tho. Not too picky tho. You don't have to be my level of art or better. Your prices just have to be reasonable with what you're making.

Comment down below if interested.
I look at myself and all I feel is sadness. I'm fat. My head is too round. Cheeks too chubby. I'm fat and disgusting. All I want is to be skinny. Not a twig, but healthy skinny. I work out and eat healthy, but I'm just getting fatter. I try to act normal, but I'm strange. I'm annoying to my best friends and even my own parents. I get called a freak because I'm different. I just want to be loved. I want friends that are loyal. I want people to actually care when I'm upset instead of relating with their own problems. I want to be called pretty, not fat, ugly or stupid. Most people would think I'm just trying to get attention and, to be honest, they're right. I'm begging. I'm overreacting and I need to stop. I need to get over it all and move on. I need to stop giving a shit. I'm not depressed. I have nothing wrong with me. Nothing bad has ever happened in my life. I'm just trying to get attention. I only whine to my friends to get compliments and an ego boosting. I AM disgusting. You all have a right to hate me and should hate me. No wander I'm lonely. You all were right this whole time. I'm sorry I treated you all like puppets.
I'm taking headshot commissions for just 25 points. I love doing headshots, I can show great detail in faces and it's easy on my brain. They help me relax.

Comment your character refsheets below and I'll see if I like it or not. I'm getting picky, cuz I have limited colors and well....I'm picky. If you say your good then send the points and I'll get started soon as I can.
I need to put my education first in my life. I'm also tired of constantly being absorbed in a community that's falling apart. I'm tired of the life I'm living and I just want to be happy. I want to see if leaving da will make anything better. Be patient with me. I'll be back on Saturday.
This has been going around for a while. All the shit about emo dog artists. Emo dog artists irritate a lot of people and I don't want to mistaken for one.

Most emo dog artists have the same style and the same character designs and all the same's dumb. I try to avoid the stereotypes as much as possible. I try to be unique.

Fun fact- ivy (my fursona) is sully based off of me personally. Everything except for her back story is me. She has my hair, my personality, my eyes, everything. My hair is naturally brown, that's why she's brown. My favorite color is purple, that's why she has purple all over. I like to die my hair red, that's why her hair is red. And I think you can guess why she has self harm scars. I didn't make her because I thought it was cool to have a depressed emo dog. I made her because I needed a character that I could really connect to and use instead of myself. As for Darkshade and Deathead...what I made them when I was 12, what more do you expect from me.

That's all I wanted to say about that. Enjoy the rest of you day.
I want to get rid of these characters. I might be making new characters but I want to treat each char equally. Offer points or character for the following.

Black anthro African hunting dog/hyena with gas mask and goggles
(More than 700 points)

Skull faced wolf thing (Bone-beast)
(More than 500 points)

Brown and orange Apocalite

Wolf with human form

Robotic doggo

Blue Saber-toothed cat

Antro ferret

Comment down below if interested with your offer. I will be picky on trades.
Everybody else is doing these so why not.

Don't give my canines or felines. I want unusual characters. I want to experiment with different body shapes and facial structures.

Probably will only do the ones I like do don't get mad if I don't draw your character. Comment down below if interested.
I have a few things to do. I'll decent from most important to least important.

Art trade part for  Silverspirithorse (lined)

Finished YCH for FlameNelson

Othet art trade parts when they come up.

Gift art for a few friends.

Ref sheets of my characters that need one.

Adopt batch

Vent art, cuz I'm losing my shit

Fun art after I do everything.

☆Correct me if I missed any thing.☆

That's all for now. I'll add and take off things as time goes on. This will be my to do list journal from now on.
I'm opening some art trades. My art trades are always open. I just don't take requests. Friends only.

Rules for trades

•you have to be near my level or better. I don't like one sided trades

•you must do your part first

•don't half ass your half. I put as much effort as I can in my half and I expect you to do the same.

•keep the characters as basic as possible. I'm a traditional artist and I struggle with complex patterns. I'll let you know if your character is too complex.

•be patient

That's all I have to say. Comment down below if interested.
I desperately need points so I'm opening up traditional art commissions for only 50 points. They will be full color with shading and a simple BG. I might not get to them right away, but I will eventually get to them when I'm feeling a lot more motivated to do anything.

Comment down below if interested. Thank you.